Our Dogs
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The little loves that put the "whippets" in Longrun:

Currently at Longrun:

The Girls:

Mazie - Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-4, OTRM-2

Tutu - BIF Longrun's Too Hot To Handle, CRX-4, OTRM-2

Mercy - Longrun's Mercy Me

Jasmine - Longrun's Summer Breeze

The Boys:

Solo - U-CH, CH Longrun N Jade's Party Of One, CRX, OTRM

Happee - Longrun's Sent By Ravens

Other Whippets we're proud of:

Spot - Longrun's I'll Fly Away

Turtle - Longrun's Out OF Bondage

Hugo - Longrun's Falter Not

Duet - U-CH Longrun N Jade's She's The One

Meadow - Longrun's Moonlight Mile, CD, RN, RA, CGC, OTRM, CR, LCM

Tosca - Longrun's Stay Awhile At Windrose

Selena - Longrun's Belle Notte

Mario - Longrun's That's Amore'

Quigley - Ch Jade's Rocket Boy

Gone from our arms, but ever in our hearts:

Dena - Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC, CR, OTR

Starman - Longrun's Silent Night, CRX-7, OTRM-3

Joy - Wyndancer's I Got The Joy

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