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Ch, UCh Longrun N Jade's Party of One, CRX, OTRM
We're so proud of our sweet, handsome boy!
  • January 2013: at UKC shows in Elkhart, Indiana, Solo was Best Male and Best of Breed both times he was shown, and is now a new UKC bench Champion! Hooray for UCh Longrun N Jade's Party Of One! 
  • February 2013: at the Indy Winter Classic AKC shows in Indianapolis, Indiana, Solo was Winner's Dog and Best of Opposite Sex to the Best of Breed under well-respected judge Mrs Barbara Dempsy Alderman - to finish his AKC Championship! Woo-hoo!!!
  • Just me and my mama
    Solo & Dena; April, 2007
    photo by Laurie Erickson

    At six months, Solo is growing into a handsome adolescant. Doesn't he look fine squinting into the sunset?

    Squinting Solo - 6 months

    Solo at 4 1/2 months
    cute Solo!
    photo by Laurie Erickson

    I love the way this boy moves! Here he is at six and a half months, forced to move for the camera on a hot, drizzly day when he'd rather be sprawled out on the couch in the air conditioning:

    Solo on the move - 6 1/2 months

    Solo is a wonderful boy who loves to cuddle, play, and go for walks.
    He has done pretty well in the show ring, especially considering he is usually handicapped by his owner/handler. 
    Solo easily completed National and International titles in the IABCA, earning a V1 rating (the highest possible) in each of his outings, as well as garnering group placements, group wins, and a Reserve Best in Show.
    As of October, 2012, Solo lacks one major to complete an AKC bench championship, and also needs just one more competitive win to complete a UKC bench championship.

    Solo getting after the "bunny"!
    Solo loves racing!
    Spring 2010

    Gorgeous sidegate on display in Sept. 2010,
    with friend Grahm Swayze

    In the ring with Scot Northern at the 2012 AWC Nat
    Handsome Solo
    Solo made the "cut" in a huge Open Dog class!

    Dog shows are not really Solo's favorite way to spend a day, though. He would rather be racing! He has earned minor titles in straight and oval track (WRA & NOTRA), and is also Field Champion pointed in ASFA lure coursing, which he has only done a few times.  Unfortunately, Solo had a foot injury that caused us to side-line him from track competition until we are done with the show ring. It can't happen soon enough to please Solo - or us!
    Another favorite pastime for Solo is playing with puppies. He LOVES puppies, and has become our go-to guy for puppy-sitting when weaning time comes along and mama needs more and more time away from the brood. He can be seen interacting with our pups in many candid photos throughout this site.

    Gotta do a "Victory Roll"!
    That feels good!
    He thinks every race is a "VIctory"!

    Unfortunately for me,
    Solo has left the building!
    THIS is what Solo likes to do at shows!

    Another shot from the '12 AWC Nat.
    Solo's a beautiful mover - when he wants to be!
    The judge was Connie Brunkow, pics by Nick Jones

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