Family Photo Album


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The Longs, Lambs, and critters at Longrun:

Us! Circa 2002
Bill and Sally Long
Bill and Sally Long

The happy Dad and Mom; never mind the evil red eyes.

Married in 1992, and still "honeymooning"!

Our Long Kids
Alecia, Janelle, and Billy.jpg
Back: Alecia and Billy; front: Janelle Long Bergen.

Our Lamb Kids
Easter 1999, the last one before Destiny left the nest.

Back: Micah, Evan, Destiny.  Middle: Wesley. Front: Klaus

The photo above could be called "The wild bunch"!

Sean and Janelle Bergen and daughters.
Sean, Janelle, Hailey, and Allie Bergen
Hailey (b. 7/26/02) and Allie (b. 8/19/03), our grandbabies!

Wesley in the crate with Dena, Maggie, and Sal.

Wesley got in all on his own and called me in to take a picture - honest!

And, no, I didn't take advantage of the situation and lock them in. ;-)

Micah's Dalmatian boy
spawled Sal
Sal came to us as a chubby ball of fur in late March, 2003.

Mike and Alecia Plotzke
Mike & Alecia
Married Dec. 3, 2005

Our dog family in Dec. 2005:
Christmas Dogs
Dena, Mazie, Spot, Starman, Hugo, Sal, & Smooch

Smooch - SaeSi's Nation'l Nokout O'Abidjan, CGC
Smooch and Sally
The Moo-man and his new Mom.

The above photo was taken the first week Smooch was with us in July 2003. He was six and a half years old, and an absolute doll!  We fell in love immediately, and Smooch loves his new family (especially Mom) and his whippet girls - he even likes Sal!

Sadly, we lost our beautiful "Moo Man" on August 26, 2008, after a brief but devastating illness. He passed away with his head on my lap; my sweet mama's boy to the end. We miss our dear old man, our giant hairy whippet, the best and loveliest dog ever to grace this earth. Sleep well, Smoochie-Moo; we'll always hold you in our hearts!


Maggie and Dena, our beautiful whippets:
Maggie and Dena
The Longrun Girls, squinting in the sun - so lovely!

Brad and Destiny Kwas
Brad & Destiny
Married August 4, 2004

Janelle with princesses Hailey and Allie -
Janelle & daughters
celebrating the girls' 4th & 3rd birthdays, late July '06

Introducing: Aidan Finlay Kwas, at six weeks old
Aidan, 6 weeks
Our first grandson was born on August 9, 2006