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Longrun's That's Amore
Kentfield Mi Pizzon, WRCh, ORC x Int Ch Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-2, OTRM

Mario is our puppy from our Guido M. x Mazie litter whelped April 29, 2008. We love this boy! His body, muscle, and personality are just what we hoped to get from his parents, and his gorgeous color is the icing on the cake.

L to R: Tosca, Meadow, and Mario, 5 1/2 months old
3 cute pups, almost  months
with Annie Whitney (Meadow's Mom) and Me

10 1/2 months - looking good!
Mario at 10 1/2 mo.
Just don't get any taller!

Mario the show dog at the AWC National Specialty
this photo is by Joe Stewart

Mario made the long trip with us to Atlanta, GA, for the American Whippet Club National Specialty in early April of 2009, at the ripe old age of 11 months. Being the laid-back dude that he is, he took it all in stride. He competed in a costume contest at the welcome party, along with his mama Mazie, then hung out with us for most of the part. Things got pretty loud and wild, but he was totally unphased, just looking around and taking it all it. It showed how trusting he is. He wasn't a bit concerned, but I was costantly watching to be sure no one would step on him.

Mario is a mellow, loving boy, with a silly streak. He loves toys and games, and also loves to snuggle. He likes to keep watch over Bill and me, following us around like a shadow, and is restless when we're in different rooms.

Selena and Mario model their Decotogs jammies
Cute pups, cute jammies
age 7 1/2 months - "Awe, MOM!"

More embarrassment: Mario the Dino-bunny (11 mo)
Poor little Mario!
with Mama Mazie the Easter Flower at the AWC National

Hanging out in the ring at the AWC Nat., age 11 mo
The boy I love
Mario was a very good boy for me!

While at the AWC National, Mario took a turn around the show ring for the first time. He hadn't been to any classes and really had very little practice, but he behaved beautifully for me. He's such a good boy! I had a great time in the ring with my Mar-Mar, and look forward to showing him again at race meet fun matches and maybe a Specialty now and then. I know he isn't most show judes' cup of tea, but I love him! 

A boy and his stick, early May 2009
Mario chilling at 12 months
I'm happy to say by July there was grass & ground cover there!

Snuggling with Duet and Solo
Mario at 15 1/2 mo.
Solo still thinks of Mario & littermates as "his babies"!

Mario at 2 years, winning a large fun match -
Handsome Mario
at an IL race meet under judge Annie Kelsey of Wildabout Whippets.

Obviously not just another pretty face!
Mario at nearly 4 years
Sprawed-out Mario at nearly 4 years.

Mario at 15 1/2 months,
Sprawled Mario
in his favorite spot.

Yet another costume contest - Mario won this one!
Mar at about 18 months
Oct. 2009, Mario the firewhippet & Mazie the Princess.

Standing pretty at 3 & 1/2 years.
Good boy!
My sweet little boy!

Mario at age 5, enjoying the comfy life!
Give me a couch and a dream to sail on!
Give me a couch and a dream to sail on!

Mario is a special guy!