Joy's Page

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Joy was our first whippet, and a very special girl!

Wyndancer's I Got The Joy, "Joy"

Joy came to us from Samara King and Anne Thatcher.  She was by DC Chelsea Made You Look of Sage, SC, out of Can/Am Ch Wyndancer's Hidden Highlight, SC.  Joy was not a barker, but she was a talker!  She made those "whippet woo-woo" sounds along with an amazing variety of vocalizations.  She was especially talkative if Daddy came home and didn't come straight in to greet her!  When chasing a rabbit, she would bay and howl, and at a coursing event, she would SCREAM!  It was quite a surprise for us to hear those sounds coming from our sweet little girl!

Wesley with our little Joy, at 12 weeks; Dec. 1999
Joy at 12 weeks
Wydancer's I Got The Joy, on her first night with us.

Joy was bred to Ch Windborn Take A Bow, SC
Here is Joy with Bill, 13 days before whelping.

Joy cuddling on the couch behind Wes's legs.
This was the last pic I took of Joy, a week before we lost her.

We miss you, little puppy-girl!
October 2, 1999 - March 6, 2003

One week before she lost her tail:

Unfortunately, Joy was accident-prone.  A week before her first scheduled show, she had a fall while running on the farm.  Her tail had a bad compound fracture, and had to be amputated about two inches from its base.  No dog shows for Joy.  

Joy, The Amazing Balancing Whippet
Joy liked to perch here to watch out the window for Dad to come home.

Sept. 23, 2003, Joy had 6 beautiful little girls!
Dena is on Joy's head, Maggie, by her front feet, and Sydney, under her thigh.

In the middle are: Wriggley, Dacey, and Elizabeth.

Joy was a wonderful mama!  The first few days, we had to remove all of her puppies from the box in order to coax her out to eat and potty.  Later, whenever she came in from outside, she would check her pups, and always knew if one was missing.  She would go around the house to find out who had her baby, and make sure it was OK, before joining the others in the box.
After weaning her litter, we were getting Joy in condition to lure course in the spring.  When the puppies were five months old, Bill took Joy out to run on our farm, and she had a terrible accident.  She attempted to jump a low, narrow ravine that she must have jumped a thousand times before, but something went wrong.  She was running very fast, and instead of landing on her feet to go up the opposite bank, she rammed into it head first, breaking her neck.  In an instant, she was gone, and our hearts were shattered.  We cherish the memories we have of our precious Joy, and the beautiful puppies she gave to us.