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BIF Longrun's Too Hot To Handle, CRX-4, OTRM-2 (WRCh, ORC, and ASFA FCh pointed)
(Hot Topic, WRCh, ORC, FCh x Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-3, OTRM-2) 
born Sept. 10, 2009  (pedigree)

See our beautiful 2013 litter - Bandit x Tutu

  • Labor Day weekend, 2011: Our darling little Tutu was the winner of the 2011 Bruiser!!! Her name will now be placed on the perpetual trophy, joining those of her Grandpa Quejica, Uncle Jabbo, Cousin J.R., and Uncle Starman, among others. She is also this year's winner of the Quejica Memorial, as the highest-placing descendant of that great dog.
  • October 2, 2011: Tutu has thrilled us again by finishing in the Top Twenty in the NOTRA National race meet! She was 19th out of 99 whippets.
  • October 1-2, 20011: Tutu also won awards in both the WRA and NOTRA Nationals for being the youngest to complete the meets (out of the top 10), and for being the highest-placing CRX title-holder in the NOTRA National.
  • As of 2013, Tutu has earned points towards championships in WRA, NOTRA, and ASFA, including a 1st place and Best of Breed win in her first ASFA trial!
  • June 21, 2013, Tutu presented us with a gorgeous litter by Quixands Reflections Of Infineon, WRCh-X!
  • October 2013: back from maternity leave, Tutu finished 30th of 92 in the WRA National meet, and 23rd out of 91 in the NOTRA National, winning High B out of the Top Twenty!
  • Plans are being made for a 2014 litter - stay tuned!
  • Tutu with "The Quiet Whippet" -
    Almost a year old
    at 11 1/2 months old

    Tutu is a delight, embodying just what we hoped for from the mating of her parents. She is beautiful, moderate, fast, and as sweet as pie.

    Helping with the laundry -
    One year old!
    on her first birthday.

    Tutu the racer, May, 2011
    Go, Baby, go!
    photo by Trent Rees

    Learning to appreciate jammies
    So cute!
    in the cold early months of 2011

    Beautiful Tutu at two years old
    All grown up

    Showing off her fierceness and femininity -
    Girl Power!
    in her new blinged-out pink shark-tooth muzzle. Photo by Annie Kelsey

    I can't get enough of watching this beauty fly!
    Air Tutu
    Photo by Joe Stewart

    Beautiful girlie, May, 2013
    You lookin' at me?
    About 3-4 weeks in whelp with her first litter!

    L to R: Tutu, mama Mazie, 1/2 sis Meadow
    Trio of lovelies
    a little reunion!

    It has been wonderful to see her grow from a fat little pup into a lovely young adult, and to watch her run is always a thrill. We can hardly wait to see all that she'll accomplish in the future!

    Cuddling with cousin Solo
    Tutu loves her cuz

    Snuggled with Auntie Dena in Feb. 2011 -
    Two sleepy pretties
    all the dogs adore Tutu!

    Tutu resting on her laurels after winning
    The Winner!!!
    the 2011 Bruiser & Quejica Memorial trophies

    Tired girl after her exciting performance -
    at the 2011 WRA & NOTRA Nationals

    Winning a race in early April, 2013!
    Go, Tutu!
    Photo by Joe Stewart

    She can really turn on the turbo!
    Photo by Joe Stewart

    Tutu ball - can't a girl get a nap?
    Sleepy girlie
    May, 2013

    For information on Tutu's parents and littermates, as well as puppy photo links, click here.