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Longrun's Silent Night, CRX-7, OTRM-3
From our second litter,  09/21/2004 - 10/05/2013; gone too soon!
To see cute photos of Starman as a puppy, click here.
Photos of some of Starman's wins can be seen on the News and Brags pages 2 & 3.

Starman at 5 & 1/2 months
Starman, side
If I could just stack him better!

The little doll who stole our hearts and convinced us that we couldn't just keep a girl. He's still just as precious, our sleek black beauty. He's also a tough guy, a fighter and a lover. He's the most "together" of the pups right now, and is getting noticed in the show ring. At his debut - no less than the Futurity ring at the AWC National - he was moved up closer to the front, but just out of the ribbons. In that tough competition, we are thrilled that Judge David Samualson deemed our Starman worthy of a second look.

It's Super Starman race training at nine months.
Starman looking like his papa Quejica.
This pup is a natural - training him is easy!

Starman at 9 & 1/2 months.
Starman, show side
My sleek black beauty.

Starman stretches out!
Running Starman
WRA meet at Gardner IL, spring 2007

Mazie, Hugo, & Starman; April, 2007
the siblings at 2 1/2 years old
Photo by Laurie Erickson

Patient Starman with our grandson,
Such a good boy!
in the fall of 2012, age eight.

Handsome Starman and his beautiful sister, Mazie.
Precious 9-yr-olds
Having a good day, but only a little over a week later, he was gone.

Starman is gorgeous, athletic, and affectionate - a great face cleaner! He jumps into our arms for hugs, doing it so gently, without forward motion - at least after the "puppy" stage. He is also a great snoozer, whether stretched out or curled up. He loves our grandkids, and is extremely tolerant and patient, a favorite of everyone in the family, especially Mom (me!).

Starman, five months -
Starman, stretched out on his back
all streched out and sound asleep.

Sleeping Starman, guarding his stash of toys.
Starman with stuffies
at 5 1/2 months

What a goof!
Silly Snoozing Starman
Starman can sleep in some crazy positions!

Starman & Mazie waiting to compete in Brace
Brace Practice
at the '07 AWC National - stressed? Nahhh!

In the Brace class at the '07 National
Aren't they gorgeous? They won 4th in the large class!

My handsome Starman
Starman, April 2007
Photo by Laurie Erickson

Doing what he loved most, after snuggling with us.
Flying Starman
Racing in the spring of 2013, age 8.5. Photo by Trent Rees.

Sweet boy struggling with his final neck injury,
Hard times
comforted by his darling baby great-niece, Jasmine.

He stole his way into our hearts by the age of 2 weeks, and he will never leave.
A very bright light has left our home, and is now shining from Heaven. It is with profound sadness that I must report that my precious Starman has passed from this life.
After having a CT of his neck last Tues. that seemed to give us good news, he had an upset stomach due to the anesthesia, and didn't want to eat. We struggled to get food, water, and pain meds into him, finally finding that he would willingly eat small amounts of chicken breast and brown rice. He had been eating better yesterday and this morning, but was still in obvious pain from his neck. Mid-morning today, he took his pain pill in a lump of cheese, and was eating some chicken and broth, when he suddenly turned his head and opened his mouth very widely. I thought he was choking, but instead he began seizing violently. My poor baby! It lasted several minutes, and left him dazed and disoriented. After he had settled, I had to go tend to the other dogs for a few minutes, and when I was letting them out, he came into the kitchen and went out, too, on shaky legs. I went with him and lifted him down the stairs, but he could barely stand. He started hobbling around in circles, turning his left feet under and looking very upset, then he started to stumble even more. I got him back onto his pillow beds, and tried to get him to stay, but he wanted to follow me, so I had to help him and keep the others from bumping him as I got them put back to bed so I could call our vet.
Long story short: vet thought Starman must have thrown a clot from his neck injury, and had a stroke or embolism, with resulting brain damage. He had no sight in his left eye, and was very impaired on his left side, front and rear legs not working well at all. He also seemed to be upset, confused, probably in pain. He would lay against me and moan, then try to get up. If I let him try to stand, he kept turning to the right and bumping into things. I kept thinking maybe he needed to go out, but when I took him outside, he could barely stand, and would stumble if he tried to move. He just looked at me, so confused and questioning, and I was devastated that I couldn't do more to help him.
When Bill was able to join us, our vet basically told us we could do a bunch of tests that would involve sedation again - which I didn't want to put him through, since his tummy still wasn't straightened out from the last time - and maybe we would get a definite diagnosis as to exactly what had happened, but there was no hope of improvement for Starman. He was getting worse a little at a time in the hours since the event, and the vet thought there would probably be more grand mall seizures, with more damage each time. Knowing what a special guy Starman was to us, he told us that the kindest thing would be to let our boy go before things got any worse. By then, Starman was restless and obviously unhappy, wanting to get up and do something, but unable to stand. He would rest in our arms for a little while, then struggle and moan. It was unbearable. It's hard to believe that only a month ago he broke the front out of the starting box at Dorsey, IL, in his excitement to get at the "bunny". I couldn't let him go on so impaired and suffering.
So, we said our goodbyes to our beautiful boy, my special little man, my heart. I miss him so much! His personality was so big, such fun. The last few weeks after his injury were torture, with so many ups and downs. I so wish we could have ended with an "up". Now it's even worse, except that I know he isn't hurting. He was the sweetest dog I've ever known, so loving and trusting, and also such a funny boy. He sure loved racing, and was well-known for his antics at the lure and at the box. Those were the only times he was ever any trouble at all, but it was only because of his intense keeness. Bill and I are so proud to have bred and owned him, our Starman, Longrun's Silent Night, CRX-7, OTRM-3, pointed in WRA and ASFA, winner of the 2006 Bruiser (09/21/04 - 10/05/13). Winner of my heart.