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News and Brags 1

Just some of the wonderful things our dogs are doing:

Longrun's Legendary Mission - Best of Breed!
Dena's first BOB win over a group-placing special at 8 1/2 months old!

We were so excited over this win in June 2003 under judge Charles P. Herendeen.  It was Dena's second point, and our first time in the group ring was a lot of fun.  Thankfully, Patience Renzuli was there to give us the scoop on what to do in the group - thanks, Patience!

Longrun's Legendary Mission - On a 3-day streak!
Dena's second BOB in Sept. 2003, at 11 1/2 months.

Sept. 5-7, 2003, was a winning weekend for Dena! 
  • Egyptian KC, Friday, Mr. Pete Dawkins - WB and BOS
  • Egyptian KC, Saturday, Dr. Robert Bernt - WB/BW and BOB
  • Bell City KC, Sunday, Mr. James R. White - WB and BOS

BTW, Dena's first nine points have been from the Bred By Exhibitor class!  We couldn't be more pleased with our home-bred beauty.

June 6, 2004, Moberly, MO
Dena wins under judge Mr. Eugene Blake

On an un-seasonably warm spring day with some pretty tough competition, we were thrilled with this win - especially under such a well-respected judge!

August 20, 2004
Dena is Best of Winners!

Thanks again, Mr. Eugene Blake! This win was a special one, over a very nice entry. We are so proud of our little "Princess Dena"!

Dena, coming around the bend right at you
Dena running at the camera
Look at that tongue hanging out and that big grin!

July 29-30, 2004, Canfield, OH: days of cloudy skies and rain, followed by free public saunas when the sun did come out.  Dena didn't care what the weather was like; when the lure moved, all she cared about was going after it!  Two qualifying runs, and she is now Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC!
(Photo by Daniel Gauss of Shot On Site)

May 6, 2005
Starman and Mazie win
At Gray Summit, MO; judge: Mr. Douglas Shipley

Starman and Mazie get their first purple (winner's) ribbons, as well as BOS for him and BOW for her. I know they aren't stacked perfectly, but aren't they cute?!

There's no business like show business - unless it's racing!