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Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-4, OTRM-2 (AKC bench & ASFA pointed, Int'l CH with the IABCA)
From our second litter, born 09/21/2004
See News & Brags pages 2 & 3
for some "win" photos and news of Mazie.
Puppy photos of Mazie can be seen here.
Check out Mazie's beautiful kids:

Our little Mazie has grown into a lovely and adorable young lady. She's way too smart, and has beautiful eyes that help her to get her way.  She loves cuddles, neck scratches, tummy rubs, treats, chasing the "bunny", and making sure her brothers know that males are at the BOTTOM of the pack order around here.

Mazie at 5 1/2 months
Mazie, side
If only I could stack her properly!

She looks a bit high in the rear in the 5.5 month photo above, mostly because I couldn't get her standing the right way. Pups also seem to grow quite disproportionately at this age, so I'm sure everything will balance out again and she'll be looking good in the months to come. 

Silly Mazie-bug, almost nine months.
Taken June 15, 2005

Run, baby, run!
Mazie at nine months, running.
Playing with her brothers after race practice.

Spot & Mazie keeping warm
Snuggy whippets in coats
at the chilly '06 NOTRA Nat.

Starman and Mazie waiting to compete in Brace
Brace Practice
at the 2007 AWC National - stressed? Nahhhh!

The sweetest little girl ever!
Photo by Laurie Erickson

Mazie & Starman as:
Mazie & Starman
The Eight-legged Whippet Monster!

The photo above was taken on April 14, 2005. Mazie is at the top, Starman below her. They were enjoying the new doggie bed! 

Pretty Mazie at nine and a half months.
Mazie show side
She's getting so big! - but has some maturing to do.

Another silly photo
January 2006

Mazie, Hugo, and Starman; April, 2007
the three siblings at 2 1/2 years old
Photo by Laurie Erickson

Is it MY turn NOW?!
Mazie's ready to race

Mazie the Princess in Oct. 2009,
Costume contest
with her son, Mario the Firewhippet.

The next generation of Longrun girls is coming of age!