"Dena" - Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC, CR, OTR (9/23/2002 - 3/07/2014)

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Joy's firstborn and our first choice

2014 brings sad news. Dena passed away on March 7th, after a valiant battle with lymphoma. She was allowed to go peacefully, in the arms of her loving owners, in their home in Ohio. She is sadly missed by all who knew her.

2006 news: Dena has been bred to:
 Nat. Sel., SBIS Am/Can CH Jade's Ice Dream Man of Whyme
For more information see the new Litter Plans page.
2007 news: The above breeding, which produced "Solo" has been repeated; news here.
Dena's daughter, "Duet", arrived on August 2, 2007!

  • Dena placed fourth in BBE at the AWC Midwest Specialty on August 2, 2003, under breeder/judge Shelley Hennessy!
  • Dena made the "cut" in BBE at the AWC 2004 National Specialty under breeder/judge Dr. Espen Engh - what a thrill!
  • Princess Dena exhibited her "Tomboy" side and proved her "prey drive" by passing he JC testing on July 29-30, 2004, with great enthusiasm that could probably be heard for miles around.  She is now officially: Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC!
  • Another point was awarded to Dena in Kansas City, MO, on August 20, 2004.  She won WB and BOW under Mr. Eugene Blake.  Yay!
  • Dena survived the Bruiser Weekend! It's a Labor Day Weekend tradition in the St. Louis area, comprised of a WRA meet on Saturday, a NOTRA meet on Sunday, and an ASFA trial on Monday. Dena ran her pretty little heart out every day, and even had enough energy left to win Second Place in Monday's ASFA trial (her first trial ever), so she is now pointed toward her Field Championship! Dena finished the entire weekend in 7th place, and has a beautiful trophy and other cool stuff to show for it. Go Princess Dena Ballerina!
  • Dena was awarded RWB in an entry of 52 class females at the AWC supported entry on Friday, August 5, 2005, in Canfield, OH, part of the Midwest Specialty weekend, under breeder judge Ms. Katrina J. Hamilton (Khiva)!  Dena was expertly handles to this wonderful victory by her dear buddy Bernard Trueper - thanks, Bernie!
  • Longrun takes on the WRA National Race Meet and Fun Match in Sept. 2005! In the match: Dena wins the BBE Bitch class, Mazie wins BOS Puppy, Starman wins BPIM and an AOM, and Starman and Mazie win Best Brace! In the National Meet: Dena wins BOS to the Valiant Effort, Mazie wins BOS Puppy, and Starman wins VE Puppy. In the meet the next day: Dena wins Top D dog, Mazie wins BOS Puppy again, and Starman figures out the "turbo gear" and wins Best Puppy in Meet! We made quite a haul!
  • In addition to the above achievements, Dena also qualified for her CR title during the WRA National weekend! She is now officially: Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC, CR!
  • Dena adds another point toward her AKC Championship on Oct. 1, 2005, in Murfreesborro, TN, under judge Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat! Thank you, judge!
  • Dena is a perfect angel and NEVER misbehaves.
    Dena stealing a taste.
    Well, ALMOST never. She does love to help pre-rinse the dishes!

    Stretching out on one of her JC runs.
    Dena running
    Photo by Daniel Gauss of Shot On Site

    Above and below are two shots from Dena's JC runs, which took place on July 29 and 30, 2004.  Another favorite picture from one of these runs can be found on the News and Brags 1 page.  She had a blast! 

    cannon ball Dena!
    Dena running
    Photo by Daniel Gauss of Shot On Site

    She always wakes up in a good mood.
    Poor Dena, I disturbed her rest.
    Except maybe when I interrupt her nap by turning on the camera. BZzzzzzzzz!

    Dena (#1) running NOTRA in Dorsey, IL.
    Air Dena!
    Look at that stretch! Go, baby, go!!!

    Mother and Son, April 2007
    Dena & Solo
    Dena and four-month-old Solo

    Hugo & Spot keeping Dena warm
    Auntie Dena loves her nephews and niece!

    Dena grabbing air
    Stretched-out Dena

    My gorgeous little princess
    Dena in repose
    Dena at 4 1/2 years, April, 2007

    Dena-Bena-Ballerina is a delight to live with!  She is brave, smart, silly, affectionate, beautiful, and persuasive.  She rules the Longrun bunch, and has all of us humans wrapped firmly around her dainty little paws. We sometimes call her the "fun police", because she barks if she sees other dogs playing, then she might just join in! She sings whippet woo-woo songs, too.
    The firstborn and largest puppy, she came into the world with her tongue stuck out: "What's that little pink half-circle? Oh, no! Is that a foot pad? Is the puppy breech? Hey, that looks like a snout - the pink thing is a tiny tongue!" She still has that "Of course I should always get things my way" attitude, and she's so cute and adorable about it she usually gets just that!.
    Called "Deuce" as a baby because of her two body spots, Dena was our first pick from early on. As soon as the pups could walk (sort of!), she was always the first to toddle over to say, "Hello!" whenever anyone entered the room. Her long, sleek body developed into lovely curves that also made her a stand-out. All of the whippet experts we asked to evaluate our litter chose her first - which was great, because we were already so taken with her.
    Dena is the number one nap buddy around here, and loves to be touching a human whenever possible. She can often be found cuddling with someone on the couch, or on a handy lap. Ya know, it's kinda hard to type with a full-grown whippet draped across you; and she thinks the wrist rest on the mouse pad is her pillow! She gives lots of kisses, too, and can be very persistent in that endeavor - hold onto your contact lenses and keep your lips pressed tightly together if you don't want your teeth cleaned by a whippet tongue!
    This girl is also very playful, and loves plush squeaky toys. She doesn't usually kill them, but will happily join in the un-stuffing after someone else tears a hole in one. Dena loves to retrieve, too, and will chase a ball or other toy (and bring it back!!!) as many times as someone will throw it. 
    Dena is a good little showgirl, and usually does very well in the ring. She baits like a dream, and moves well as long as it's not "that time of the year" or the grass isn't wet (in which case she holds her tail up - to keep it dry, maybe?).  Her biggest handicap is probably the fact that she is trained and handled by a total amateur - but I'm learning! You can see some of her win pictures on the "News and Brags" page. She currently has ten points toward her AKC championship, and we're hunting for majors. Here, major, major, major! Unfortunately, Dena's show career was sidelined due to injuries for much of the past year, but we aren't giving up!
    You want prey drive? Check! Enthusiasm? Check! A cuddly little princess that turns into a screaming, lunging maniac? That's my Dena! She LOVES to chase the "bunny", and has tried her paws at straight and oval racing, as well as completing her JC in AKC lure coursing. She will be doing more racing in the future, and we are very proud of her for achieving the CR award from the WRA (straight track) and the OTR award from NOTRA (oval track). Dena isn't a contender for a racing championship, but she doesn't know that - she just loves to run, and we love to watch her.