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News and Brags 2

More happy days for the Longrun Gang! 

My little girl, looking very grown-up!
Dena RWB Midwest weekend.
Longrun's Legendary Mission, JC

Dena was awarded Reserve Winner's at the AWC supported entry on August 5, 2005, by breeder Judge Katrina Hamilton (Khiva). This was during the AWC Midwest Specialty weekend, and there were 52 class females shown on that hot, soggy, glorious day! 

She was handled fabulously by her special friend, Bernard "Bernie" Trueper, who was unavailable at picture time (he was busy winning BOB over specials with his Ibezan puppy).  Bernie and Dena make a great team, and she behaves wonderfully for him. He is a tall man, and his long stride really shows off Dena's side gate. She floated effortlessly around the ring - a thing of beauty that brought tears to my eyes!

Thank you, Judge Hamilton!!!

Starman and Mazie making Mom proud!
Starman & Mazie - Best Brace
Aren't they adorable?

Starman and Mazie in the '05 WRA National Meet
Starman & Mazie flying
Just under 12 months, running beautifully!

We are so proud of Starman's wonderful achievement of being the overall winner of the 2006 Bruiser! The Bruiser is a three day event, held over the Labor Day weekend, which includes racing straight track WRA), oval track (NOTRA), and a lure-coursing trial (ASFA). Starman's name is now engraved on the Bruiser trophy, along with those of his sire, Quejica, half brother, Jabbo, and Jabbo's son, J.R. - an illustrious group of great dogs. This win and the trophy are even more special to us since the tragic loss of Quejica, Jabbo, JR, and three other wonderful whippets in a house fire in November of 2006. It was an unspeakably terrible loss to owners Dick and Marilyn Harvey, and to the entire whippet fancy.

Our Starman wins the three-day Bruiser!
Starman wins!
Labor Day weekend, 2006

We had a fun week in early April at the 2007 AWC National Specialty in Kansas City. Below you see Starman and Mazie standing like beautiful statues for me in the large Brace class, in which they were awarded fourth place by judge Mary Dukes. Another highlight that week was Hugo winning third place in the Altered Dog class under judge Cathy Gaidos!

Starman and Mazie in the Brace class
Starman & Mazie in Brace
at the 2007 AWC National Specialty in Kansas City

Beautiful Mazie, Dec. 2006
Mazie wins!
Winners and BOS

Duet, WB at the St. Charles KC in Jan. 2010!
Go, Duet!
Thank you, judge Dr. Eric Liebes!

The AWC Midwest Specialty, August 6, 2005 - Best Brace!
Starman (Longrun's Silent Night) and Mazie (Longrun's Amazing Grace) at just ten and a half months old.
They were VERY good puppies!
Thank you, Judge Mrs. Ivy Potts!
 (Klondyke, UK)

I'd also like to thank Mary Magee for helping me train my little darlings to stay side-by-side and not choke each other.
Thanks, Mary!!!



Longrun takes on the WRA National Race Meet and Fun Match in Sept. 2005!

In the match: Dena wins the BBE Bitch class, Mazie wins BOS Puppy, Starman wins BPIM and an AOM, and Starman and Mazie win Best Brace!

In the National Meet: Dena wins BOS to the Valiant Effort, Mazie wins BOS Puppy, and Starman wins VE Puppy.

In the meet the next day: Dena wins Top D dog, Mazie wins BOS Puppy again, and Starman figures out the "turbo gear" and wins Best Puppy in Meet! We made quite a haul in trophies!

Photo at left taken by Lyndsey Lobree.

We are WAY more than thrilled with how well our Quejica x Maggie pups are doing as they mature. The photo below shows Mazie being awarded Best of Winners by judge Kathy Forbes in May of 2006 at the Bloomington, IL,  show cluster.

Beautiful Mazie winning an AKC point
Mazie win #3
Best of Winners, May 2006

The 2006 WRA National Fun Match was a great event for the Longrun Whippets! Judge Cindy Scott really loved our style! Below, you see Mrs. Scott with me and our beautiful Mazie, who was awarded Best of Opposite Sex Adult and an Award of Merit, after having won the Minor Titled Bitch class. Mazie wasn't the only Longrun whippet whose quality caught Cindy's eye that day: Dena won the Bred By Exhibitor Bitch class ( even though she was three weeks in whelp and very touchy about her rear!), Starman won the Bred By Exhibitor Dog class, Spot was second in Minor Titled Dogs, Hugo was second in Altered Dogs, and Starman and Mazie won the Brace Class! All of these classes were rather large - even the Brace! We're very proud of our beautiful whippets!

Mazie wins BOS Adult and an AOM!
Mazie, '06 WRA Nat. Match win
October, 2006, WRA National Fun Match

The Longrun family put in several appearances at the 2009 American Whippet Club Nationa Specialty in Atlanta, GA. Our biggest brag was for Mazie, who was awarded a placement! Yay!

Beautiful Mazie: 4th in Ameteur Owner/Handler -
at the 2009 AWC National. Judge: Magnus Hagstedt

It's a MAJOR! WD & BOS in Indy, Feb. 2010.
One down, one to go!
Thank you, Mary Magee & Judge Mrs. Hartinger!

Gotta love a Longrun Whippet!