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Longrun's Stay Awhile At Windrose
Kentfield Mi Pizzon, WRCh, ORC x Int Ch Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-2, OTRM
Owned by Stephanie Nelson and Susan Kirkham

Tosca, whose baby name was Cowgirl, stayed with us until she was five and a half months old because the family that wanted her had experienced a major complication in the form of a job transfer. By the time we all had to admit they wouldn't be able to take her, Bill and I were thoroughly attached to this adorable girl, so we knew we could only let her go to someone very special. Into our lives and hearts walked Susan Kirkham, and through her, Steve and Stephanie Nelson. As an old friend of Annie Whitney's, Susan had met Tosca's sister, Meadow. When I made it known that Tosca was available, Susan contacted me immediately, and we were soon making plans for Tosca to travel north to MN with Annie following race meets she attended near our home.

Meadow & Tosca watching the big dogs race
We want to play!
at 5 1/2 months

L to R: Tosca, Meadow, and Mario
3 siblings at 5 1/2 mo.
with Annie Whitney (Meadow's Mom) and me

Tosca with Roxy & Wonder
Tosca at 8 1/2 months
at Susan's winter home in AZ

After joining Susan in northern Minnesota, Tosca became a "snowbird", traveling south with her new Mom to a winter home in Arizona for fun in the sun. Then, in January of 2009, Steve and Stephanie Nelson joined the family, taking a vacation drive to spend some time with Susan in Arizona, after which Tosca returned with them to Minnesota. Now, our seasoned traveler is living the life of a princess with all of her humans firmly wrapped around her dainty paws. A happy ending - or rather, a happy new beginning!

Meadow showing Tosca the rules of Frisbee
Wait! Let me!
5 1/2 months old

Tosca snuggling with Susan Kirkham in MN
warm puppy = happiness
just shy of six months old

Steve & Stephanie Nelson visit Tosca in AZ
visit with co-owners!
in Jan., 2009; Tosca is 8 1/2 months old.

As you can see, Tosca is very happy with Susan, Steve, and Stephanie. She's a delightful, affectionate little girl!

Tosca loves her new Dad!

Pretty Tosca at 12 months
growing up
early May 2009

Tosca cools off in the lake after sunbathing
A whippet retriever!
and enjoys a game of "fetch".

In addition to being a beloved pet, Tosca will be competing in several venues, and will make her show ring debut soon.

Tosca loves her new other Mom, too!
More kisses!

Tosca sunning herself on a boat deck
15 months
during a weekend vacation with the Nelsons

See Tosca's pedigree and litter page with links to puppy photos.