Guido x Mazie Pups: 4 Months

Our "little Italians" are not so little!

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First, a couple of photos of Keira (Pup #2) in her home with her Uncle Turtle, a littermate to Mazie.

Keira with Uncle Turtle
Best Buds
Turtle is mama Mazie's littermate

Now for some fun photos of the rest of the crew that was around in September. I took a lot of pictures of Luigi, because we were getting ready to send him to his new home. We miss that goofy boy!

Luigi is ready for a nice snooze
Sleepy boy

Meadow had a lot of fun visiting her littermates -
Meadow pounces on Selena!
after a month away in her new home.

Mario and Luigi
Sept. 3, 2008
Handsome and sweet

Cowgirl and Luigi with "uncle" Sal -
Toy shredders? Not us!
totally innocent of the toy stuffing on the floor!

Play time or nap time? Tough choice.
Cute Luigi

Mario & Cowgirl practice with cousin Duet.
They're all good snoozers!

Mario; a boy and his toys
more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Keira and Turtle are owned by our daughter and son-in-law, so they get to share their days - and dog beds - with our adorable grandson, Aidan.

Turtle & Keira cleaning their teeth the fun way

Meadow (Pup #1) and her owner visited over the Labor Day weekend for the 3-day Bruiser Cup racing event. It was wonderful to see them again, and Meadow seemed to enjoy playing with her siblings again. She spent quite a bit of time wrestling with Selena, and the two were very fun to watch.

A pen full of pups at a race meet
OK, you can feed the puppies
They are 4 months, one day old here

Mario wanted out to play with the big dogs,
Sooooo cute!
while Cowgirl had a nap in the fresh air.

Luigi and Cowgirl
musical dog beds?

Luigi is such a sweet boy!
Luigi ball

I couldn't resist including this photo of Mazie all stretched out on the couch. She is a wonderful mother. Her puppies adore and respect her, and she clearly loves them, too.

Lovely Mazie demonstrates a snoozing technique;
little mama
She has taught her puppies well.

Silly Cowgirl with mama Mazie
pretty girls