Guido x Mazie Puppies: Newborn

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The "Italian Love Songs" litter
Kentfield Mi Pizzon, WRCh, ORC x Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-2, OTRM

They're here! Guido and Mazie have given us a beautiful litter! We love the colors and variety of markings, and are looking forward to watching them grow up.
The official date of birth is April 29, 2008.

#1 - girl, black with the tiniest face blaze
Puppy 1
also white chest blaze, toes, tail tip. 12 oz.

#3 - boy, Irishmarked red brindle
Puppy 3
11 oz.

There are two males, six females, all vigorous and noisy, each one special and beautiful in their own way. The first was born at 8:40 p.m., the last at 2:45 a.m. -  a long night!

#2 - girl, all white except the black patch over
Puppy 2
her right eye. 11.5 0z.

#4 - girl, high white w/ red brindle patches on
Puppy 4
her head and shoulders. 7.5 oz. - small but mighty!

#5 - boy, dark brindle, narrow blaze on chest,
Puppy 5
some white toes & tiny tail tip. 13 oz.

#7 - girl, parti-color black (or blue?)
Puppy 7
11 oz.

Mazie is proving to be a wonderful mother. The puppies are all squeaky clean and getting round bellies already. We are checking often to make sure the tiny girl is getting to nurse. She is very strong and determined, and can really hang on!

Mama Mazie and beautiful babies, 3:30 a.m. on
New mama and pups
April 30, settled on fresh blankets and filling up tummies.

#6 - girl, Irishmarked black (or dark blue?)
Puppy 6
big white socks and tail tip. 12 oz.

#8 - girl, Irishmarked red brindle
Puppy 8
really cool markings. 12 oz.

Sadly, there was another girl, solid blue with a very thin white face blaze, born second to last, but she never moved or took a breath on her own despite our efforts. We will have our vet look her over, and then bury her with her Great-Grandma Joy.

Mazie & pups at 6:30 p.m. on April 30
all doing well!
the black IM girl is underneath the pile of siblings

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