Guido & Mazie Pups: 5 Months
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Growing and going strong! 

Five months old - unbelieveable! This litter has been - and continues to be - a lot of fun, and it has brought some wonderful new friends into our lives, for which we are very thankful. Seven of the pups are now in wonderful forever homes, and they each have at least one other whippet to pal around with.
We will be visiting with Meadow and her owner at race meets again in a couple of weeks, so we hope to get some good puppy reunion photos then!

Pup #1, Meadow
Meadow, 5 mo., front
Longrun's Moonlight Mile

Pup #5, our Mario
Mario, 5 mo., side
Longrun's That's Amore

Pup #6, the delicious Selena
Selena, 5 mo., front
Longrun's Belle Notte

Pup #7, Cowgirl
Cowgirl, 5 mo., side
This little gal is now available to the right home.

News FLASH!!!
Miss Cowgirl has her own wonderful home in MN!
See her and her family on her new page: "Tosca"

Here is the lowdown on Guido & Mazie's pups, by birth order: 1) Meadow, in a fab performance home in MN; 2) Keira, with our daughter and her family close by; 3) Luigi, here in IL in a wonderful home; 4) Chloe, with a great family in IL; 5) Mario, staying with us forever; 6) Selena, with our son and daughter-in-law in IL, co-owned by us; 7) Cowgirl, with us for now, looking for the right family; 8) Sophia, with papa Guido in TX. 

Pretty Meadow's photos are curtesy of
Meadow, 5 mo., side
her owner, Annie Whitney. Thanks, Annie!

He's quite a guy!
Mario, 5 mo., front

Selena is with our son & d-i-l, Evan & Leah Lamb,
Selena, 5 mo., side
and Hugo, littermate to mama Mazie

She is a very affectionate and playful girl -
Cowgirl, 5 mo., front
a lot of fun!

Here are some fun photos for you to enjoy, mostly of cute little Cowgirl.

Cowgirl is just too cute!
Good "Sit"!

Hey! That flashy thing is too bright!
I'm not looking!

Mario is also adorable, and he's all mine!
My baby dumpling
Well, I guess I'll share him with Bill. ;-)

We are now looking for the right home for this darling pup, after a previous plan had to be cancelled.
We found it - a wonderful home - see "Tosca"!

Cowgirl always has kisses for Dad!

Cowgirl and Cousin Duet

Sweet little Cowgirl and Duet again
More snuggles
Too cute not to share