Guido x Mazie Pups: 8-10 Week Fun Photos

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Big changes and new experiences as the puppies grow 

After reaching the benchmark of eight weeks, it was time for some decisions to be made.

Pup #1, "MJ", on her last day at Longrun
You go, girl!
Now called "Meadow" she is moving on!

The puppies went to their first NOTRA meet to cheer for Uncle Hugo and Cousin Solo. Sophia and Meadow (formerly known as MJ) were to be picked up by their new owners at the meet. We are sad to see them go, but excited about the future for these two precious and beautiful girls

Entertaining fans
adorable pups!
thanks to Joe Stewart for this photo!

Meadow, Sophia, and Keira
sleeping beauties

Bill and Michele McRight are the owners of papa Guido, and we can't thank them enough for making this wonderful litter possible. They have chosen Sophia for their own, and we couldn't be more pleased. Sophia has moved in and taken over their home in TX.

Bill McRight bravely faces crazed wild animals
mayhem in the ex-pen
"Look! A BIG chew toy!"

Two little girls have gone to their new homes with longtime whippet owners and older whippets to welcome them.

Lovely girls, Sophia and Meadow
bittersweet moment of awwwww
their last night in the pen with their littermates.

The pups enjoyed the excitement of the meets and the attention of all the people who stopped by to admire their cuteness. Even when the weather turned rainy the second day, they took it all in stride, sleeping through the worst of the storm with a tarp over their pen.

All 8 on their last day together as babies
eight beautiful darlings
hanging out at a NOTRA meet in Dorsey, IL.

Pretty Sophia, watching the geese

Bill and Michele promised to provide Sophia with lots of love and plenty of her very own toys. She can't play with papa Guido's - he counts them every night! What a character! I'm sure Sophia will be able to handle him, though.

Bill and Michele McRight with Sophia
love, Italian style!
Very happy with their new baby girl!

Annie Whitney has chosen sweet little MJ, now named Meadow, to join her and her two older whippets in MN. Like Sophia, Meadow has already settled into her loving new family like there's no question about where she belongs.

Annie Whitney with Meadow
All smiles!
Another happy Mom with an adorable little girl

Meadow with her new bro & sis -
Nice little family
Bro is also named Guido, and sis is Al.

Itty-Bits and Selena try to look innocent
cute, but messy
but muddy paws tell the tale!

Cowgirl thinks Itty-Bits and Mario are silly -
they're examining an interesting stick.

Meadow has already been to lure coursing practice and to race meets with her new family, making friends along the way.
Our thanks to Annie for sending us photos and updates on "our" spunky little doll!

Gorgeous little Meadow -
Pretty face
surveying her new realm.

Back at the Longrun ranch with six puppies, life goes on.
What do you get when you mix a rainy day, a yard with some bare earth, and six playful puppies? It's a good thing whippets are easy to clean, "wipe and go" dogs!

Mario - a muddy mess, but too cute to care!
My little man!
with Keira flying up the steps behind him

Luigi and Selena (Celia) -
very cute, still messy
getting Solo muddy

Puppy pile on Solo!
Can you see Solo?
He's still the best babysitter!