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Guido x Mazie Pups: 1-3 Weeks

Loving the wobbly legs and tiny puppy woofs and growls!

The little Italians are growing fast, and the pool was getting crowded...

Mazie & her brood hanging out in the pool
Mama & pups
May 11th, 2008

Visitors are always fun! Destiny & hubby Brad have Mazie's brother "Turtle" - maybe it's time for whippet #2?

Visitors! Daughter Destiny & grandson Aidan
May 16, 2008
Aidan thinks puppies are fun!

Now the puppies are three weeks old, beginning to play in earnest, tottering around on wobbly legs, and finding their voices.

Pup #1, girl - "MJ" (Mazie Junior)
#1 face

Pup #2, girl - "Keira" the pirate
#2 face

Pup #3, boy - "Luigi"
#3 face

No, they didn't pee on my shirt -

Pup #4, girl - "Itty-Bits"
#4 face

Both of the boys are very laid-back.

Pup #5, boy - "Mario"
#5 face

Pup #6, girl - Celia (for Cecilia Bartoli)
#6 face

Wesley was being my assistant puppy-wrangler and photographer.

Pup #7, girl - Cowgirl (so it's not Italian...)
#7 face, on Wesley's shoulder

Pup #8, girl - Sofia
#8 face

Here are a couple more group photos to finish out the page.

Pups make good pillows for mama
Three weeks old

When both of the boys got out one day, it was time to move to a wire crate & ex pen combo.

The first morning in their new digs
in the "big puppy" crate
May 16th, 2008

Aidan and Itty-Bits think it's a good idea! Itty-Bits obviously needed a nap after the visit, though. We know all about how tired one can get after playing with a small human. Aidan was very sweet and gentle with the puppies - such a good small human! ;-)

Itty-Bits says playing with toddlers is exhausting
BIG yawn
I can SO relate!

Below are the results of our three-week photo shoot, which had mixed results. Some liked the peanut butter, some didn't; next time, maybe we'll try some soft cheese.

MJ likes peanut butter!
#1 side

Keira likes peanut butter, too
#2 side

Luigi wanted to crawl into my hand to eat
#3 side

but some of them needed a little swabbing off, and that got me wet, too. They are doing their "business" on their own a lot now, and then falling in it. It'll be nice when they're more steady on their feet!

Itty-Bits liked the peanut butter too much!
#4 side

I can hold either of them cuddled in just about any position. They are reminding me of their sweet Uncle Starman as a little pup. Be still, my heart! We are absolutely NOT keeping both of them!

Mario wanted to back up - or sleep
#5 side

Celia was either really tired or experimenting with being stubborn. She didn't want anything to do with the peanut butter, nor did she want to stand up. "I'll just sit or lay down, or you could cradle me in your arms and rub my tummy, but I'm not standing up - nope, I'm not!"

Celia's legs were too sleepy
#6 side, sort of

We couldn't resist calling this adorable little girl "Cowgirl", for reasons that are fairly obvious. She'd fit right in with my friend Annie Kelsey's WildAbout "mini-moo" litter. ;-)

Cowgirl's legs were fine, with peanut butter
#7 side

Sophia says, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful - just give me peanut butter until I'm fat as a piglet!"

Sofia is another pb fan
#8 side

It's fun having a big pile of pups again - even though the real work is now beginning and will only increase. They're worth it!

Mama Mazie makes a good pillow, too!
May 20, 2008