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Guido x Mazie Pups: 6-7 Weeks

Our little stars are looking more and more whippety!

I can't believe it's been seven weeks already! Next week we have to choose who will be staying here - it won't be easy!

Celia, Sophia, and Keira snoozing in the box

This litter thought the pan of wood chips was better for napping than for pottying, but I guess that's OK. Since it's spring, we have been able to get them outside frequently, and they are catching on to the idea of not soiling their pen. These pups are smart!

They are all adorable!

A tired puppy IS a good puppy!
Can you find all 8?

They love to go out to do their business and then have a nice play time. Solo has become the head puppy trainer and puppy plaything. He really seems to love being with them - such a good boy! In a few of the 7 week pics below, you can see Solo "helping".

Pup #1, girl, "MJ"
MJ, 7 wks, side
Sweet little dynamo

Pup #2, girl, "Keira"
Keira, 7 wks, front

Pup #3, boy, "Luigi"
Luigi, 7 wks, side
Snuggly little rascal! See Solo's nose? ;-)

Itty-Bits, 7 wks, front

Pup #5, boy, "Mario"
Mario, 7 wks, side
Another rough and tumble and cuddly boy!

Pup #6, girl, "Celia"
Celia, 7 wks, front

Pup #7, girl, "Cowgirl"
Cowgirl, 7 wks, side
A little sweetie!

Pup #8, girl, "Sophia"
Sophia, 7 wks, front

Another week gone by, and we are still loving these puppies!

I love the white chin!
MJ, 7 wks, front

She's a people-person-pirate-puppy!
Keira, 7 wks, side
Petite and sweet!

Luigi is a lover AND a fighter - well, a wrestler!
Luigi, 7 wks, front

"You can't see me with my eye closed!"
Itty-Bits, 7 wks, side
"Hey, where's the cookie?"

Lean to the left - good!
Mario, 7 wks, front

This girl is so pretty and sweet!
Celia, 7 wks, side
Such a cool color, too!

"Moo" to you, too! How cute!
Cowgirl, 7 wks, front

Pretty, sweet, and full of puppy fun!
Sophia, 7 wks, side
What a doll!

We'll be sad to see any of them go!