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More Outdoor Fun: 7 & 1/2 Weeks

Learning all about the outside world with Cousin Solo 

Solo has been a great help in raising his baby sis, Duet, and now he's also a wonderful helper with his new baby cousins. He's very gentle and careful with them, even when letting them know they're biting too hard.

Hey, Luigi, are you talkin' to me?

Fun hang-out corner
Whatcha doin'?

Celia likes the bush.
Pretty Baby

Puppy pile on Solo!
Such a good boy!

Air Sophia!
Jumping bean girl

It sure is nice to have Solo to grab a toy and lead the puppies on a merry chase, especially when I'm tired. He's good at getting THEM tired! The pups are now going out several times a day for P & P - Potty & Play. ;-)

Solo found a toy that isn't flat!
Oh, yeah!
Does it still squeak?

Luigi wearing his cammo outfit
Can you see a puppy?
"Shhhhh! I'm hiding!"

EVERYONE likes the bush!
What's the attraction???

The hits just keep on coming!
Patient Solo

Mario and Keira chasing Celia - or is it Celia and
Round and round the tree we go!
Keira chasing Mario? Hmmmm...

Wasn't that fun?!

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