Guido x Mazie Puppies: 1 week

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May flowers are blooming - and Longrun puppies are growing!

First, a couple of group photos -

Mazie & pups on day six
got milk?

Now the individual photos, two of each pup.

Puppy #1
Pup 1, left side
pretty black girl

Puppy #2
Pup 2, left side
Mostly white girl

Puppy #3
Pup 3, left side
Irish marked red brindle boy

Puppy #4
Pup 4, left side
white & red brindle girl

Puppy #5
Pup 5, left side
heavily brindled boy

Puppy #6
Pup 6, left side
might be a "seal" girl

Puppy #7
Pup 7, left side
white & black or blue girl

Puppy #8
Pup 8, left side
Irish marked red brindle girl

Mama and puppies are all doing great!

Day seven - one week old!
more milk!

I tried to catch them full and sleepy so they wouldn't squirm so much.

Puppy #1, flip side
Pup 1, right side
she's very soft and kissable

Puppy #2, eye patch
Pup 2, right side
she's an Italian pirate :-)

Puppy #3, right
Pup 3, right side
nice color

Puppy #4, little Itty-Bits
Pup 4, right side
Sooooo cute

Puppy 5, right
Pup 5, right side
a lot like Uncle Turtle

Puppy #6, so sleepy
Pup 6, right side
very interesting color

Puppy #7, right
Pup 7, right side
our little moo cow

Puppy #8, over easy
Pup 8, right side
very pretty and sweet

If those pics didn't make you smile, maybe these will:

Pup 2 needing a binkie?
yummy foot
Pup 7's foot must be yummy.

If these don't get you smiling, you need a HUG & puppy kiss!

An Itty-Bitty smile to say "Bye" for a while
sweet smile

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