2008 Litter Growing Up

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The "Italian Love Song" litter, whelped April 29, 2008, by:
Kentfield Mi Pizzon, WRCh, ORC (RCh pointed) x Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-2, OTRM (AKC bench and ASFA pointed)
Four of the "pups": Mario, Meadow, Selena, and Tosca, have their own pages, with links on the "Our Dogs" page, found in the Navigation Bar. On this page, I'll post updates on the rest of the litter, as they grow up and get on with the business of being beloved whippets.

Cute little Keira is the beloved pet of our daughter, Destiny Kwas, her husband, Brad, and their children, Aidan and Ellia. This family also includes Keira's Uncle Turtle, a littermate of Mama Mazie's from our 2004 litter. Keira is a darling girl, full of kisses and cuddles. She loves being with her people and playing with Uncle Turtle.

Keira and Turtle share a sunbeam.
Keira & Turtle
February 2009

Keira, the leggy (and squirmy) "Supermodel"
Stack? I'm not a show dog!
Early Feb. 2009, age 9 months

Meeting 2-day-old baby sister Ellia -
Hey, Baby!
just home from the hospital with Destiny, April 20, 2009

A boy and his dog - Aidan & Keira; July, '09
Play time!
Aidan is almost 3 years here, Keira is 14 months.

Chloe, Longrun's Return To Me, lives in IL with whippet Shanley from Rosewood Whippets, and owners Steve and Mindy Beiser and family. Chloe is a wonderful girl, much loved by her family.

Adorable Chloe with dad Steve in Oct. 2008.
Happy daddy's girl
Look at those smiling faces!

Poor Chloe didn't know what I was trying to do!
Chloe at 6 months
I think we managed a pretty good stack, though.

Each one, a special blessing!