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Guido x Mazie Pups: 8 Weeks

The pups' first road trip!

I took the puppies to Indianapolis, Indiana, a journey of about five hours each way, to visit one of my very favorite whippet lovers, and have a "Puppy Puzzle"-type evaluation. They were VERY good! After a little bit of fussing, they settled in for a nap and didn't stir until about half way to Indy. We had a little potty break, got back on our way with no problems, and they slept the rest of the trip.
The pups had a fun time in a double ex-pen on my friend's front lawn, doing their business, having a hardy late lunch, and playing until they dropped.

Pup #1, girl, "MJ"
MJ, 8 wks, side

Pup #2, girl, "Keira"
Keira, 8 wks, front

Pup #3, boy, "Luigi"
Luigi, 8 wks, side

Pup #4, girl, "Itty-Bits"
Itty-Bits, 8 wks, front

Pup #5, boy, "Mario"
Mario, 8 wks, side
Mario will be staying at Longrun!

Pup #6, girl, "Celia"
Ceilia, 8 wks, front

Pup #7, girl, "Cowgirl"
Cowgirl, 8 wks, side

Pup #8, girl, "Sophia"
Sophia, 8 wks, front

They all behaved pretty well for their evaluations and photo session, too - such good babies! My friend enjoyed the puppy fix, and I'm happy with the new pics.
Don't I look great after losing the weight? Just kidding! Sadly, the body in these photos isn't mine; I got to be the photographer this time. ;-)  I was the student, there to learn and to gain wisdom for the decisions to be made over the next few weeks that will effect the puppies' whole lives.

MJ is a friendly, confident little girl -
MJ, 8 wks, front
really cute, too, even squinting in the sun!

Got whippet ears?
Keira, 8 wks, side

Luigi is a happy, laid-back kind of guy.
Luigi, 8 wks, front

Cute little people-person!
Itty-Bits, 8 wks, side

Leaning again - that's OK, little Mario!
Mario, 8 wks, front

Solid in build and temperament - looks like she
Celia, 8 wks, side
will be staying in the family!

A sweet and fun little girlie!
Cowgirl, 8 wks, front

A lovely and sweet girl!
Sophia, 8 wks, side

The afternoon was getting quite hot, with the sun beating down, and the pups had begun to fuss a little about it. MJ was looking toward the shady crate in the van and hollering, so my friend put her in there. I was sure she'd soon protest being all alone, but she happily settled in, enjoying having the space and toys to herself in sight of us and her siblings. We then put up a sun shade for the rest of the puppies in the pen, which they took full advantage of. Ah, the delightful sight of sleeping pups! <sigh>

Tired pups after a photo shoot in the heat.
Seven sleepy sweeties
Wait! Someone's missing!

The sky began to darken ominously, so I began to load pups and gear back into my van - time to head for home. We got on our way just as the storm hit. Thankfully, we were able to take refuge at a gas station when marble-sized hail began to fall. I needed gas, anyway! My wonderful puppies snoozed soundly through the whole thing! We drove through several patches of rain, but were in the clear by the time we needed a break. We were home by 10 pm, CDT, safe & sound & mostly dry.

Oh, yeah! MJ wanted back in the van!
I got the nylabone! Nya-nya!
She was perfectly content with the toys to herself.