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Guido x Mazie Pups: 10 Week Formal Photos

Growing and going strong!
Be sure to see the latest fun photos, too!

Puppy #1 now has the lovely name of Meadow, and is in her new home in Minnesota with whippet buddies Guido (not her papa) and Al.

Pup #1, girl, Meadow
Meadow, 10 wks, side
Longrun's Moonlight Mile

We thank Meadow's new Mom, Annie Whitney, for these photos. Doesn't Meadow look great?! Annie will need a bigger table next time. ;-)

To cute!
Meadow, 10 wks, front

We still have six pups here at Longrun, and are making plans for their futures.

Pup #2, girl, Keira
Keira, 10 wks, face

Pup #3, boy, Luigi
Luigi, 10 wks, side

Pup #4, girl, Itty-Bits
Itty-Bits, 10 wks, face

Pup #5, boy, Mario
Mario, 10 wks, side
Longrun's That's Amore

Pup #6, girl, Selena (formerly Celia)
Selena, 10 wks, face
Longrun's Belle Notte

Pup #7, girl, Cowgirl
Cowgirl, 10 wks, side

Having puppies is a blast!

We have plans for this little sweetie
Keira, 10 wks, side

Luigi is a special boy!
Luigi, 10 wks, face

This cutie is as sweet as can be!
Itty-Bits, 10 wks, side

That's my boy - he's staying here!
Mario, 10 wks, face

This beauty will be living with her Uncle Hugo,
Selena, 10 wks, side
and our son and DIL, Evan & Leah Lamb

Such an adorable girl!
Cowgirl, 10 wks, face