Guido x Mazie Puppies: 2-4 days old

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Here's a better look at the new kids -
getting big bellies and growing already! 

Mazie & pups on their second day
Mazie & Co. on May 1st
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Pup #1, girl, 4 days
Puppy 1

Pup #2, girl, 3 days
Puppy 2

Pup 3, boy, 3 days
Puppy 3

Pup 4, girl, 3 days
Puppy 4

The little Italians are going strong!
Mazie and her puppies are all settled in now, finding their own happy routine of eating, sleeping, and clean-ups. All of the puppies are gaining weight and getting bigger already. Little Itty-bits has already gained three ounces at four days old. They are so precious and cuddly! Knowing how quickly puppies grow up, we are really enjoying these little ones.
As much as we would like for them to stay little for a longer time, we're also anxious to see what they will become, beginning with what color some of them with be. For example, puppy six looked black at birth, but as she dried she looked different. Especially in sunlight, brown and gold can be seen in her coat, along with black. What color will she be? Time will tell!

Pup #1, underside
#1 tummy

Her underside is all white and pink. ;-)
Puppy 2 again

Pup 3 underside
#3 tummy

Her underside is white/pink, too
Puppy 4 left side

Pup #5, boy, 3 days
Puppy 3

Pup #6, girl, 4 days
Puppy 4

Pup #7, girl, 3 days
Puppy 3

Pup #8, girl, 4 days
Puppy 8

Pup 5, underside
#5 tummy

Puppy 6, underside
#6 tummy

Another white/pink belly, but cool markings on top
Puppy 7 also

Puppy 8 underside
#8 tummy

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