Guido x Mazie Pups: 12-15 Weeks - Fun Photos

Is it hard work being so cute?

More time has flown by, and the pups are growing fast and learning about life in the summertime. We've had quite a wet year here in the greater St. Louis area, and the pups have enjoyed the resulting mud. Being born in the spring has its perks, for sure! This has been the most out-doorsy litter we've ever had. These little ones love to be outside!

Adorable "Itty-Bits" has a new name: "Chloe"!
introducing Chloe
Handsome Mario and Cowgirl's cute li'l bod, too.

"Hello!" from Cowgirl
Cute baby

Chloe defends a prime hole from the boys,
Queen/King of the hole?
as Selena runs to help her sis fend them off.

Selena takes a little breather,
Pretty baby girl
looking like a little princess.

Meanwhile, Cowgirl has claimed the contested hole.
I think it's bath time!
How did such a sweet girl get so dirty?!

A smile shared between mother and daughter,
Keep on smilin'!
as Chloe prepares to leave us.

The photos above, left and right, and three of the ones below, were taken on the afternoon that Chloe (Itty-Bitts) left for her new home. Her new owners came for a little play time with the pups, and brought along their 12 month old whippet, too.

Chloe thinks the chair is good for teething;
Please don't eat the chair!
Luigi isn't so sure, but is willing to give it a try.

It's love! New family: Mindy and Steve with Chloe.
Happy family
Longrun's Return To Me

I like this photo, because I managed to catch all six of the pups that were still here at the time. They all have to sniff around for the latest news, I guess. Aren't they a fine bunch of whipper-snappers? We are truly sad to see any of them go, even though it is getting to be a lot of work having them with us. It's pretty tough to "keep and eye" on so many pups at once!

Sniffing and more sniffing
What's that interesting smell?

Cowgirl was playing "Queen of the Chair",
Luigi to the rescue!
when Luigi decided to offer his aid.

Mario started the latest dig-fest
Crunchy treats in the ground!
by discovering an emerging cicada - YUM!

Having given up digging for the moment,
What big baby teeth you have!
Mario and Luigi wrestle over the chair.

Cowgirl soon gave up the hole to have a romp.
Another pretty baby.
Such a precious little thing!

Look! Mom and Dad gave us a new chair to play on!
Hey, bro, this chair's mine!
Cowgirl and Mario.

Chloe's new big brother whippet is actually a cousin, a fellow decendant of Wheatland Quejica Kezo, WRCHX-2, ORC, FCh, from Rosewood Whippets. We'll be seeing Chloe and her family at some local race meets - cool!

Cowgirl also appreciates...
That goes for you, too - no eating chairs!
the chair's potential as a chew toy!

Eat, play, potty, sleep, and sleep, and sleep...
I guess being cute IS hard work!

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