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Guido x Mazie Pups: 6 Weeks


Cruisin' into summer and growin' fast!

These puppies are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys, and much cuter, too! Some of them were not in a mood to cooperate during our little photo-shoot, though! For some reason, Keira and Cowgirl did not want to stand up in a normal position.

Pup #1, girl, "MJ"
MJ, 6 wks, side

Pup #2, girl, "Keira"
Keira, 6 wks, front

Pup #3, boy, "Luigi"
Luigi, 6 wks, side

Pup #4, girl, "Itty-Bits"
Itty-Bits, 6 wks, front

Keira kept spreading her rear legs too widely, and from above they both looked like they were going around a corner - silly girls! Oh, well, they're still adorable!

Sweet little doll!
MJ, 6 wks, front

This pirate is a social butterfly!
Keira, 6 wks, side

A big cuddle-bug!
Luigi, 6 wks, front

Itty-Bits, 6 wks, side

Pup #5, boy, "Mario"
Mario, 6 wks, side

Pup #6, girl, "Celia"
Celia, 6 wks, front

Pup #7, girl, "Cowgirl"
Cowgirl, 6 wks, side

Pup #8, girl, "Sophia"
Sophia, 6 wks, front

Another week gone by, filled with new adventures and lots of puppy kisses.

Another cuddly baby boy!
Mario, 6 wks, front

What color IS this precious girl?
Celia, 6 wks, side

She was too busy to stand still this time ;-)
Cowgirl, 6 wks, front

Sweet and lovely!
Sophia, 6 wks, side

See you next week!