Guido x Mazie Pups: 10-12 Weeks


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How can they be 12 weeks already? Our Italian love song litter is growing fast!
Our extended family is expanding, as more pups will soon go to their new homes.

The time has gone by way too fast! I know, I say that on almost every page, but it's so true. This litter is a blast, and we are sad to see any of them go. We sure can't keep them all, though! Sophia and Meadow are doing great in their new homes, and more will be leaving us soon, on to new families where they'll get all the love and attention they deserve (which is a LOT!).

Selena, Mario, and Keira
pups in the tall grass
Keira wants to play!

Leah and Selena have a snuggle
Leah & Selena
Little Lena already loves her new Mom & Dad

Keira and Selena still had one more zoom -
You go, girls!
proving that girls are tougher than boys. ;-)

Luigi helps with the water can.
What a cutie!

First off, some fun photos of the pups in our big exercise yard (tall grass), and in our little back yard at the house. Solo is still our best puppy wrangler, and the little ones are now big enough for silly Tom-boy Duet to join in the fun, too. Visits from Aidan are always a treat. He adores the puppies, but doesn't like them all attacking him at once. Their little toe nails are dangerous!

Mario says doing zoomies is great fun!
Go Mario!
That's my boy!

Mario was getting tired
Mario pants
One hot boy!

Solo & Duet show Mario & Cowgirl the best leaves.
Cousins give advice
They like the hackberry bush.

Keira, Cowgirl, & Itty-Bits love Aidan!
Too much cuteness!
Uncle Micah helps to calm pups and protect the toddler.

Now for the "sort-of-stacked" photos. My thanks to Wesley for being our photographer this time, and special thanks to Annie Whitney for sending photos of Meadow. It's wonderful to have a new owner who loves taking and sharing photos as much as I do!

Pup #1, girl, Meadow
Meadow, 11 wks, front
Longrun's Moonlight Mile, owned by Annie Whitney

Pup #2, girl, Keira
Keira, 12 wks, side
Ouch! That's my finger!

Pup #3, boy, Luigi
Luigi, 12 wks, front
This little guy is a lot of fun!

Pup #4, girl, Itty-Bits
Itty-Bits, 12 wks, side
A very adorable little girl!

Pup #5, boy, Mario
Mario, 12 wks, front
"Look, Mom! Whippet ears!"

Pup #6, girl, Selena
Selena, 12 wks, side
Longrun's Belle Notte

Pup #7, girl, Cowgirl
Cowgirl, 12 wks, front
Too adorable!

I'll freely admit that I'm not the best handler, and posing youngsters is always a challenge. These pups have been pretty good, but they are developing their own likes and dislikes now, and some of them dislike being held still on the table. ;-) They all like treats and squeakies, though!

Meadow is loving life in Minnesota -
Meadow, 11 wks, side
with her new Mom & whippet family. Thanks for the pics, Annie!

Leaning tower of Keira - not loving the "stacking"
Keira, 12 wks, front
It's a good thing she won't have to be a show dog!

Luigi wasn't really into stacking either.
Luigi, 12 wks, side
He was into the hot dog, though, and more gentle than Keira!

Did someone say, "Cookie"?
Itty-Bits, 12 wks, front
Cute and sweet as can be!

Mario's personality is a lot like Uncle Starman's.
Mario, 12 wks, side
Longrun's That's Amore

Such a beauty, and a fun girl, too!
Selena, 12 wks, front
She knows she has us wrapped around her little paw.

Cowgirl is not impressed with show posing, either!
Cowgirl, 12 wks, side
She would much rather play - or devour the hot dog. ;-)