Guido x Mazie Pups: 4-5 Weeks

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Working hard and having fun!

Five weeks old already! The pups are all running out to greet anyone approaching their pen now, and they're too cute to resist.

Dinner for 8 on May 28, 2008
pardon Cowgirl's pitstop on the way to the dish

Silly snoozing sweeties -
why does Mario sleep in the litter pan?

Here comes trouble!
Cute but dangerous!
"We want to get out and terrorize your whole house!"

We had a fun time getting the five week photos. The puppies are getting more active now, and stronger, with their own opinions as to what position they should be in.

Pup #1, girl, "MJ"
MJ, 5 wks, side
Black IS beautiful!

Pup #2, girl, "Keira"
Keira, 5 wks, front
White is beautiful, too!

Pup #3, boy, "Luigi"
Luigi, 5 wks, side
Brindle is also beautiful!

Pup #4, girl, "Itty-Bits"
Itty-Bits, 5 wks, front
Beautiful white and brindle!

Pup #5, boy, "Mario"
Mario, 5 wks, side
Another beautiful brindle!

Pup #6, girl, "Celia"
Celia, 5 wks, front
Whatever color she is, she's beautiful!

Pup #7, girl, "Cowgirl"
Cowgirl, 5 wks, side
Black and white and beautiful all over!

Pup #8, girl, "Sophia"
Sophia, 5 wks, front
Yet another beautiful brindle, of the female variety!

They are getting quite good at un-tying shoes, and at washing faces. I wish I could play with them all day!

Another visit from Destiny and Aidan
Cute toddler + cute pups = TOO CUTE!
Aidan, what do puppies do? "Poop!"

A much better place for Mario to sleep!
Cuddly Mario
What a doll!

"I would never terrorize anything."
Adorable (and ferocious) Keira
Yeah, right, and butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!

Actually, they were pretty good, considering it was after 10:30 p.m., and we were all getting tired! I need to pay more attention to where their tails are - some of the girls look like boys. Oops!

MJ is the smallest right now, but very feisty
MJ, 5 wks, front
Very cute, too!

This little gal is very bold and adventurous
Keira, 5 wks, side
and very sweet, too!

Luigi is one of the bigger pups now
Luigi, 5 wks, front
and a real sweetie.

Itt-Bits is a funny little thing
Itty-Bits, 5 wks, side
very curious and cute!

Mario is smaller than Luigi in size right now,
Mario, 5 wks, front
but has no less energy and determination

Celia is adorable
Celia, 5 wks, side
and spunky!

Cowgirl is another adventurous girlie;
Cowgirl, 5 wks, side
she loves to explore!

Sophia is one of the biggest right now,
Sophia, 5 wks, side
and a darling girl!

We plan to introduce these pups to the outside world -

as soon as there's a dry day when Bill has time to mow the lawn!

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