Guido x Mazie Pups: 15 Weeks - Formal Photos

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I think it was easier to stack these pups before they developed minds of their own!

Thanks go out to Annie Whitney for these photos of Meadow. We all know how adorable Meadow's face is, so here's a photo showing off her buns and thighs of steel - and very cute ears, too. :-)

Pup #1, girl, Meadow
Meadow, 15 wks, rear
Longrun's Moonlight Mile

Pup #2, girl, Keira
Still thinking about her registered name

Pup #3, boy, Luigi
Luigi, 14 1/2 wks, front
still looking for just the right new home

Pup #5, boy, Mario
Mario, 14 1/2 wks, side
Longrun's That's Amore

Pup #6, girl, Selena
Selena, 14 1/2 wks, front
Longrun's Belle Notte

Pup #7, girl, Cowgirl
Cowgirl, 14 1/2 wks, side
You can see Luigi "helping"

What can I say about these puppies? We are very pleased with them, and look forward to seeing what they will become as they grow and mature. For now, we just enjoy the silliness and kisses!

Meadow is as keen and solid as they come -
Meadow, 15 wks, side
and sweet, too! She is owned by Annie Whitney

"But, I don't want to be a show dog!" That's OK!
Keira, 14 1/2 wks, front
Keira belongs to Brad & Destiny Kwas

Luigi is a delightful character!
Luigi, 14 1/2 wks, side

Mario behaves pretty well for this stuff;
Mario, 14 1/2 wks, front
he only leaned a little bit. :-)

Selena behaves pretty well, too. :-)
Selena, 14 1/2 wks, side
She belongs to Evan and Leah Lamb

"Is this my best side?"
Cowgirl, 14 1/2 wks, front
Cowgirl is a darling little gal!