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Grafitti x Mazie Pups: 12 - 14 Weeks

Our sweet little ones are growing nicely!

Photo Pedigree

Our little sweeties are growing fast and starting to go their separate ways. This is always a bitter-sweet time for us as breeders. We put so much of our hearts into each puppy, it's tough to see them go, but the smiles on the new owners' faces are worth it. Even if there are some bumps in the adjustment process as a pup settles into a new home, it's always a thrill to get good reports as they find their balance and their place in the household. It's also great to get photos!
Mercy is learning to fit in with our adult dogs here at Longrun, but still spends a lot of time with her siblings, too, as they work on their crate and potty training together.

Pretty little Zoe, visiting grandmom in TN -
Zoe on her way
to meet her new family.

Now Zoe is in her new home, snuggling with her new
Zoe & Archie, getting comfy together.
whippet bro & wrestling partner. Thanks to her new owners for this photo!

Cutey-pie "Mac" on his last day here,
Happy boy Happee!
at least for a while. He's now called "Happee"!

Adorable Tait is still waiting to see -
Such a great little guy!
what his future will hold. Meanwhile, he gives us many smiles!

Beautiful girlies, Mercy and Jaci,
So shiny!
all cleaned up from their earlier muddy mess.

Our Happee boy is going to spend some time -
Hi, Happee!
growing up and being trained at a special place!

Thanks to Michael White for these two photos of Happee!

Pup #1, whom we called Zoe, is in her new home now, getting settled in. Her new owners haven't decided whether they will change her call name or what her registerd name will be. They're taking some time to get to know her before choosing.
Pup #5, "Mac" has also left our little nest, but will remain co-owned. Now called Happee, he will be registered as Longrun's Sent By Ravens.
Jaci and Tait were still with us for more spoiling as we waited for their new families to be ready for them. All the pups have plans now!  

Mercy enjoying a wrestling match -
Get him, Mercy!
with cousin Solo.

Our beautiful baby girl,
You must have been a beautiful baby!
Longrun's Mercy Me

When a Jan. thaw melts the snow and the ground,
Who's muddy?
playful puppies can get very dirty! They had a lot of fun, though!

Precious little cuddle-bug Jaci -
Jaci loves to be snuggled!
is also still waiting. She's a doll!

Our triple threat, such wonderful, smart pups!
Very good babies!
This litter is a joy!

Happee is with his new best friend, "Mommy Mary",
Kisses to Happee dog!
at SaeSi Whippets in Indiana.

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