Graffiti x Mazie Pups: Newborn

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Beautiful little ones born October 30, 2012!

Photo Pedigree

We'll begin with some "still wet" candids, then a couple of posed shots of each pup, so you can see how pretty they are!

First one! A lovely little girl.
Pup 1

The requisite solid black girl - Mazie's Mini Me!
Pup 3

Another boy - both boys together.
Pup 5

Now for the posed photos.

Pup 1, girl, 12 oz.
Pup 1

Pup 2, girl, 11 oz.
Pup 2

Pup 3, girl, 12 oz.
Pup 3

Pup 4, boy, 12 oz.
Pup 4 finally a boy!

Pup 5, boy, 14 oz
Pup 5

Second girl!
Pup 2

It's a boy!
Pup 4

The Milk Bar is open!
5 thirsty pups

Well, we tried for "posed"!

Pup 1 says, "Hi!"
Pup 1, face

Pup 2: "Does this hat make my head look big?"
Pup 2, show side LOL!

Pup 3, Cool chest markings!
Pup 3 - little Mazie look-alike

Pup 4 doesn't have much white.
Pup 4

Pup 5 has some cool markings, too.
Pup 5

There they are - five little darlings to take up much of my time in the coming weeks!

Be sure to check back; I'll try to update weekly. Check out all the puppy links below for more on this litter!

Puppy Links: