Grafitti x Mazie Pups: 10 - 11 Weeks

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They're looking more like whippets!

Photo Pedigree

Our little ones are growing and doing great! These puppies are truly a joy, the easiest we've ever had. I love the way their little minds work!
Like our previous few litters, they get the benefit of spending time with their cousin, Solo, who is a great puppy-sitter.

Mac and Jaci, ready to go outside
Time for a romp!

Our adorable Mercy in a contmplative moment
Plotting my next game....

Cousin Solo helping out with the new kids.
I LOVE this dog!!!

Mazie enjoys playing with her growing brood.
Beautiful Mama Mazie

The pups' 10 week "birthday" came with a nice January thaw, and that meant extra outside play time. They had a lot of fun out in the sun with their mama and big cousin, and had the mud smears to prove it! A pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do, right?

Zoe is such a cutie!
What's next?

Mercy, Zoe, Tait, and Mac - pups on a stick!
Look what we found!

Solo gives "mouth wrestling" lessons.
This is how ya do it, kiddos!

Tait and Jaci say, "Hey, whatcha doin'?"
Cute muddy babies

At 11 weeks, here is our attempt at "stacked" photos. They sure aren't done as well as the 8 week photos at Mary's house! We are still having camera trouble, so between squirmy puppies and a camera that was taking for-ev-er to snap pics, capturing just the right pose was next to impossible.

Pup 1, girl, "Zoe"
Zoe, 11 wks, side

Pup 2, girl, "Mercy"
Mercy, 11 wks, front

Pup 3, girl, "Jaci"
Jaci, 11 wks, side

Pup 4, boy, "Tait"
Tait, 11 wks, front

Pup 5, boy, "Mac"
Mac, 11 wks, side

So, I hope you can look past the jerking heads and scooted feet, and see the cuteness and whippety beauty that we see. The fact that we were able to get anything close to proper poses, and get them to sort-of stay long enough for the camera to flash, speaks to how GOOD all of these babies are, too!

Adorable Zoe will soon be going to her new home,
Zoe, 11 wks, front
where she'll have a big brother whippet to play with.

Longrun's Mercy Me will be staying with us!
Mercy, 11 wks, side

Isn't she cute?! Forgive the camera-fash eyes!
Jaci, 11 wks, front

Tait is such a sweetheart!
Tait, 11 wks, side

This well-balanced guy is a real lovebug!
Mac, 11 wks, front

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