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2012 Litter - Graffiti x Mazie

SaeSi Talk On The Wall At Melan x IABCA Int Ch Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-3, OTRM-2 (ASFA and AKC bench pointed)

Photo Pedigree

The puppies have arrived, October 30, 2012!
Scroll down for a family photo, then click on the "Newborn" link for individual pics.

Have you heard the news?
Graffiti and Mazie - listen!
The happy couple

Graffiti is from the SaeSi "Talk" litter, sired by "Mouff" - SaeSi Aw You Dawg, CRX-4, OTR, JC, out of K.I.A. - Delphi Point Of Know Return, CRX. As a youngster, he was a stand-out: sound, keen, balanced, and fast. Maybe he was even a bit too fast when coupled with too much youthful fearlessness, and the unfortunate result was a serious backyard injury to an ACL. Consequently, he has not raced competitively; it's too risky with hardware in his knee. Even so, we believe he has a lot to offer as a sire. His injury has not dampened his enthusiasm for life or his sweet, silly nature, and certainly doesn't detract from his structural beauty or the great potential he carries in his genes. Graffiti brings to our Longrun family a wonderful "older" pedigree with close ties to some great whippets of the past. We would especially like to note that both he and Mazie are grandchildren of Ch Wheatland Cab Calloway, RCh, the only dog ever to earn both an AKC bench title and a NAWRA Race Champion title. Pretty awesome! 

Handsome Graffiti - note the arm of the chair -
Proud papa!
kind of gives an extra bump to his topline. Oops!

Ah, love! These two will make beautiful puppies!
Pure elegance

Mazie ... Mazie ... what can I say about Mazie? I have written many paragraphs on this site, as well as on facebook and other sites, about our precious Mazie. Unlike human children, dogs are possessions, and so we are allowed to admit to having favorites, right? So, while I love all of my dogs, I must admit that Mazie and her brother, Starman, are my favorites. The two of them occupy a special place in my heart, and have almost since the day they were born into my waiting hands, and I know my husband feels the same way. There is something in their eyes, their personalities, and the crazy combination of elegance, athleticism, regality, and downright goofiness they both possess that has captured our hearts. Those traits may seem to be at odds with each other, and you might think they can't exist in one animal. To me, they are exactly the combination that creates a perfect whippet. Add to this the following from the whippet Breed Standard: "Color immaterial". Perfect. That is what my darling Mazie is to me.

Beautiful Mazie
Mazie AWC Nat placement

Check back for weekly updates as we once again present.....

A few days over 4 weeks in whelp -
Mazie at 4 wks
Mazie's ribs have begun to spread, and tummy to lower.

Five weeks - definitely un-tucking the tuck-up!
Oh, yes, she's preggers!
Beautiful Mazie, squinting, but shining in the sun.

Seven weeks - pups are wiggling!
7 wks in whelp

Tues. Oct. 30, 2012 - Mazie says, "It's time!"
Ready to share special deliveries!
A few days sooner than I expected, but I can't argue with her obvious signs!

"The Incredible Expanding Whippet"!

And this is Mazie chiewing the big chunk of hotdog
Hungry mama at 4 wks
she grabbed out of my hand. No delicate nibbling now!

Six weeks! Mazie is getting to be a hungry girl!
6 weeks in whelp

Eight weeks in whelp - HELP!
Big Mama at 8 wks
BIG belly full of squirmy puppies!

All cleaned up and ready for our close-ups!
Happy family!
Five strong, gorgeous pups, 3 girls, 2 boys.

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