Graffiti x Mazie Pups: 3 - 4 Weeks

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We're thankful for our sweet pups, who are up on their feet and ready for action!

Photo Pedigree

I hope all of my fellow US citizens had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday - we did! We stayed close to home so as not to leave the dogs alone for long. They all enjoyed some turkey leftovers, of course!
Now the puppies are playing hard between naps and are eating solid food - at least semi-solid food. They're all adorable! My totally biased opinion.

Pup 3, Jaci, so sweet!
Can't beat puppy love!

Pup 1, Zoe, the first to climb on the bed -
Soooooo big!
at 3 weeks, 1 day old. A princess must have comfort, right mama Mazie?

Pup 5, Mac, is a very cuddly guy!
Snuggle bug!
They're all cuddly, really - sweet litter!

There's room to wrestle on the pillow bed!
Zoe and Mercy try out their ferocious baby growls.

Can we come out? We'll be good - honest!
Suuuuuuurrrrrrrre you would!

The theme for this litter is Contemporary Christian Music bands, so we have given the pups baby names taken from some of our fave CCM bands and artists. We chose a name for each pup that seemed to fit him or her.
Bill & I are both singers and really enjoy music, so many of our dogs' names are derived from musical terms and songs. I hope these pups can sing!

Pup 5, Mac, discovered something fun:
mouthing mama's food! Time to start solids!

Oh, yeah! Zoe likes the pillow bed!
Already sleeping in the bent roach position!

Pup 2, Mercy, was the second to climb on the bed.
Two baby girls with mama
Is there room up there with Zoe and mama Mazie?

Oh, no! They have teeth!
Poor mama!
Mazie is not pleased with this advent! She's still an amazing mama, though!

Food success! They like it! Counterclockwise:
Mac (5), Tait (4), Mercy (2), Jaci (3), Zoe (1).

Now that the pups are big 4-week-olds....

Pup 1, girl, "Zoe" at 4 weeks
Zoe, 4 wks, side

Pup 2, gir, "Mercy" at 4 weeks
Mercy, 4 wks, front

Pup 3, girl, "Jaci" at 4 weeks
Jaci, 4 wks, side

Pup 4, boy, "Tait" at 4 weeks
Tait, 4 wks, front

Pup 5, boy, "Mac"
Mac, 4 wks, side

they can stand up for pics - sort of!

Look! Zoe can stand up! So cute!
Zoe, 4 wks, front

Mercy can stand up, too, when she wants to ...
Mercy, 4 wks, side

Jaci was not in a standing mood, either. Leeeeean!
Jaci, 4 wks, front

Tait is so mellow, but was not so standy-uppy.
Tait, 4 wks, side

Mac attack of cuteness!
Mac, 4 wks, front