Graffiti x Mazie Pups: 6 Weeks

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Six weeks already - and just getting cuter!

Photo Pedigree

The weeks are flying by, and our little ones are growing fast. It's amazing! I wish they would stay little longer, even though they are getting to be a lot of work.
They are doing well with going outside, and we're getting fewer puddles along the way from the pen to the door - that's progress!

Ummmm... guys... you're doin' it wrong!
Seems right to us!
Tait & Mac, not catching onto the "litter box" concept.

The girls don't get it, either! Zoe & Jaci tug,
It's fun to make a mess!
while Mercy looks on. Don't know what Tait's doing back in the crate. ;-)

Tait thought Bill's face needed cleaning.
He's a sweet little guy!

The weather has turned colder this week, but the pups are taking it all in stride. They have even gone out in rain! Less mess in the pen! Hooray!
The pan of wood chips is going bye-bye, since these kids are not using it for its intended purpose, and somehow the chips are getting all through the house. Oh, well!

Tait, Jaci, and Mercy, on the run!
Which way to the bunny?
The weather has turned chilly, but the pups still have fun.

Indoor play time. Get the ball, Zoe!
Gotcha, Mom!
Oops! Not my shoe laces!

Mercy knows how cute she is, and already works it!
Sweet girlie!
Please excuse the wood chips and shredded paper - pups had WAY too much fun!

Now for the close-ups!

Pup 1, girl, "Zoe"
Zoe, 6 wks, side

Pup 2, girl, "Mercy"
Mercy, 6 wks, front

Pup 3, girl, "Jaci"
Jaci, 6 wks, side

Pup 4, boy, "Tait"
Tait, 6 wks, front

Pup 5, boy, "Mac"
Mac, 6 wks, side

These pups are pretty good about it!

Hi, Zoe! You're adorable!
Zoe, 6 wks, front

Such a pretty little girl! Good Mercy!
Mercy, 6 wks, side

Jaci is so cute! Camera gave us trouble, though.
Jaci, 6 wks, front

Tait is a sweetie - reminds me of Uncle Starman!
Tait, 6 wks, side

Mac is a hunk! Think "moderate", little guy!
Mac, 6 wks, front

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