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Graffiti x Mazie Pups: 5 Weeks


Lookout - here comes FUN!

Photo Pedigree

Puppies grow too fast! They are eating well now and nursing less. Mazie is so patient with them! She seems to enjoy playing with her brood, but the teeth and nails are getting to be a bother!
They have had their first experience with playing outside, and found it to be an interesting place. We're having some exceptionally mild weather for early December, which made it much easier for the pups. I don't know how long it will last, but we'll try to make to most of it while we can. Potty training 101 has begun!

Pups had such fun playing with the stepping-box -
See? The box was there for a reason!
they were too tired to climb into the crate without it.

Zoe goes exploring -
Who has been over here?
so many scents to sniff!

They didn't wander very far -
It's OK, babies; you're safe!
and checked in often with Mazie and me.

Zoe and Mac, on the go!
So cute & busy!
A pup could have a lot of fun out here!

Now for the formal photos!

Pup 1, girl, "Zoe"
Zoe, side, 5 wks

Pup 2, girl, "Mercy"
Mercy, front, 5 wks

Pup 3, girl, "Jaci"
Jaci, side, 5 wks

Pup 4, boy, "Tait"
Tait, front, 5 wks

Pup 5, boy, "Mac"
Mac, side, 5 wks

One day after a quick grocery run, I came home to find that they had made quite a mess of their pen. The "stair step" box was moved from in front of the crate, the litter box was broken and wood chips spread everywhere, and the potty pad that should have been wrapped over the stair step box was shredded. Where were the little rascals who wreaked such havoc? All in a cozy pile in front of the crate, cute and sweet as could be. I guess it was too hard to climb into the bed without the step after all that exhausting "redecorating"!

A snack al fresco! The pups' first time outside.
A drink makes it better.
They weren't too sure about it at first!

The other four start exploring, too,
Stay close, little ones!
with mama Mazie watching over them.

Off they go again after a reassuring cuddle.
What to sniff next???
So much to see out in the big world!

Mercy checks out the "play house" -
What's this? A cave? A den?
an old dog-loo we keep in the yard for the dogs enjoyment.

The boys were the squirmy ones this week!

Zoe stood like a champ, but didn't like the flash!
Zoe, front, 5 wks

Mercy's eyerim pigment is coming along nicely!
Mercy, side, 5 wks

Jaci was pretty good for her pics, too. Good girls
Jaci, front, 5 wks

Tait did NOT want to hold his rear up - silly boy!
Tait, side, 5 wks

Mac was the worst wiggler of them all this time!
Mac, front, 5 wks