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Graffiti x Mazie Pups: 7 - 8 Weeks

Decision time, and we've chosen our "keeper"!

Photo Pedigree

Our five little sweeties have had a busy couple of weeks, exploring the outside world, growing, and playing. At the tender age of 8 weeks and a few days, they had their first big road trip to see their sire's co-owner and our favorite whippet authority, Mary Magee.

Beautiful mama Mazie, exercising her brood.
Run, babies, run!
The pups are 6 1/2 weeks here.

Mazie and her male "mini-me", Tait
Black beauties

Adorable sisters, Jaci and Mercy
Pretty babies

Clock-wise from top right: Mac, Zoe, Jaci, Tait.
Is it nap time?

Below are the photos taken during the evaluation by Mary Magee of SaeSi Whippets. We are very pleased with the results, as our thoughts were confirmed - this is a nice, consistent litter!

Pup 1, girl, Zoe
Zoe, 8 wks, side

Pup 2, girl, Mercy
Mercy, 8 wks, front
She looks a bit unsure, but we're sure of her!

Pup 3, girl, Jaci
Jaci, 8 wks, side

Pup 4, boy, Tait
Tait, 8 wks, front

Pup 5, boy, Mac
Mac, 8 wks, side

All of us at Longrun hope you have had a wonderful Christmas,

They saw their first real snow from the storm that caused us to delay the trip a few days, and seemed to take it all in stride. They are such good puppies!!! Best of all, the pups were evaluated and stacked for photos by Mary's skilled hands.

Little Zoe doing zoomies and spins.
Which way shall I go next?

Handsome Mac is a substantial boy.
Strikin' a pose

Precious Mercy at 8 weeks, at Auntie Mary's
Our baby girl!

The boys, Tait and Mac. Cookie?
Adorable little guys

The standouts are Mercy and Mac, but only  by small degrees, as these little ones all got pretty good marks for structure and have great temperaments.

Zoe is a fun, adventurous little girl. Nice, too!
Zoe, 8 wks, front

Mercy will be staying at Longrun! We're excited!
Mercy, 8 wks, side
Introducing Longrun's Mercy Me

Jaci is a confident and playful little girl.
Jaci, 8 wks, front

Tait is a busy and bright little guy.
Tait, 8 wks, side

This boy is NICE all around and sweet as pie.
Mac, 8 wks, front

and we wish you a very happy and delightful New Year!

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