Graffiti x Mazie Pups: 2 Weeks

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We're getting our first peeks at the world, and have moved in with the Big Dogs!

Photo Pedigree

The pups are already growing fast and having new experiences in their second week of life. Their eyes are beginning to open, and they're becoming more active. Mazie is taking excellent care of them, and obviously feeding them well!

Adorable puppies in my bedroom -
Sweet little ones
made for many morning smiles! (10 days old)

Ellia laughed and squealed with delight -
More puppy love!
when little Pup 1 gave her face a snuffle and lick.

Pup 1 was sleepy during our "photo shoot",
or maybe we were boring her? So cute!

Pup 3 was just NOT happy about the whole thing,
Don't want my photo taken!
but some snuggles comforted her.

Look at this face! Pup 5 wasn't about to be still,
I want to wiggle!
so we did his "side" pic laying down - and he's not the only one!

They're getting too big for the crate bottom in our bedroom, so it was time for the move into the "dog room". Soon, they'll be venturing out of the big, wire crate and exploring their pen. Fun times are ahead!

Visitors add to the fun! Aidan and Ellia came -
Kids + puppies = LOVE
to collect puppy kisses and snuggles. (10 days)

Being cute all the time is a lot of work,
Sleepy boy!
so puppies need lots of naps! (Pup 5, 11 days)

Pup 2 was also sleepy,
so she rested between "takes".

Pup 4 says, "Can't the photo shoot wait?
I just got my pillow (Pup1) the way I wanted it/her'!"

The whole gang, all moved into a bigger crate,
New digs to grow up in!
with a nice pen to play in, as soon as their legs are working better!

Here they are at two whole weeks -

Pup 1, girl
Pup 1, side, 2 wks
She was good about letting me prop her up on her "noodle" legs.

Pup 2, girl
Pup 2, face, 2 wks
She was too cute in Dad's arms!

Pup 3, girl
Pup 3, side, 2 wks
This li'l diva-to-be let us know she was not happy about the whole thing!

Pup 4, boy
Pup 4, face, 2 wks
He was soooooo sleepy and sweet!

Pup 5, boy
Pup 5, side, 2 wks
He decided to pose in repose, also.

ready for their close-ups!

Not so good about facing the camera,
Pup 2, face, 2 wks
but we tried!

Pup 2 was also pretty good about letting me pose
Pup 2, side, 2 wks
her on those floppy legs. They're too fat to stand up yet!

Pup 3 said, "Stop flashing that light at me!
Pup 3, face, 2 wks
I want to go back to bed!" Me, too, sweetie!

He was too sleepy to even try to stand,
Pup 4, side, 2 wks
but at least he let me arrange him and hold his head up.

He was a very wriggly pup,
Pup 5, face, 2 wks
but so cute!

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