2008 Litter - Guido x Mazie

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The "Italian Love Song" litter, whelped April 29, 2008, by:
Kentfield Mi Pizzon, WRCh, ORC (RCh pointed) x Longrun's Amazing Grace, CRX-2, OTRM (AKC bench and ASFA pointed)
The Guido x Mazie kids are all in wonderful homes and growing up happy and healthy! Here's a run-down on where they are now:
Pup 1: "Meadow" enjoys an active life with Annie Whitney in MN.
Pup 2: "Keira" is our granddog, with our daughter and her family.
Pup 3: "Gobi" lives in Washington state with Matt & Emma.
Pup 4: "Chloe" has a whippet brother and great family in IL.
Pup 5: "Mario" is our baby boy here at Longrun.
Pup 6: "Selena" is co-owned by us and also our granddog with Evan & Leah Lamb.
Pup 7: "Tosca" is in MN with Steve & Stephanie Nelson and is co-owned by Susan Kirkham.
Pup 8: "Sophia" lives with dad Guido in TX with Bill & Michelle McRight.

The puppies have arrived!!!
(Whelped on April 29, 2008)
Scroll down this page to see the first family photo, and to find links to the new pages of puppy pics. Hurray!!!

Guido was bred by Merril Woolf and Eric Rider, and is owned by Michelle McRight. He resides in the Dallas, TX, area with Michelle, her husband, Bill, and her dear mother, Rosie Whatley.
Not only is Guido handsome and ripped, he puts that bod to great use as a fabulous athlete: he's a multiple meet winner (straight and oval tracks), who finished his WRA and NOTRA titles quickly and lacks only a few points to have his NAWRA title. There aren't many NAWRA meets near his home, but I predict he'll manage to get to some and finish that championship this year. 
Truly the best of both worlds in temperament, Guido is a fun-loving, affectionate pet at home and all business on the race track. 
We have long admired the Kentfield whippets for their exceptional speed and good looks, both of which Guido has in abundance. With his talent, great personality, and pedigree, too, we believe him to be a wonderful match for Mazie. We can't thank Guido's owners enough for allowing us to be the first to use him!

Fast and fabulous Guido
Guido grabs air

Handsome boy!
Guido head study

Guido is our choice for Man of the Year!

A little fun to celebrate Guido's WRCh title
Guido on Time
Thanks to Celeste Wilcox

Mazie is from our 2004 Quejica x Maggie litter, and embodies all that we hoped to produce in that breeding: she's elegant, beautiful, sweet, loving, healthy, keen, and even though she isn't a contender for champion race points, she is a great improvement in speed over her dam, and has tremendous heart on the track and field. She is also a winner in the show ring, and has seven points toward her AKC bench championship. Among her conformation wins is a Best of Opposite Sex win over a top-ranking special and Best of Opposite Sex in Match and an Award of Merit at the 2006 WRA National Fun Match. With her lovely curves, correct angles, and beautifully balanced movement, she always makes us proud. Mazie truly has the best of both sides of her pedigree, and we hope to continue that trend with this, her first litter. We can hardly wait!!!
Mazie is CERF clear, BAER normal, N/N (normal) for myostatin deficiency, and normal for VonWillebrand's.

Mazie S-T-R-E-T-C-H
Mazie grabs air
Get that pesky bunny!

Our Sweetie
Mazie's sweet face

- and Mazie is definitely Miss Universe material! 

January, 2008
Mazie - WB & BOS
Another win for our beautiful girl

The incredible expanding whippet -

Five weeks in whelp, April 2, 2008
Mazie at five weeks
I see a tummy!

Seven weeks in whelp; April 16, 2008
Oh, my!
I'm beginning to feel sorry for her!

59 days - what a BIG yawn!
Big Mama
being pregnant is exhausting

Feeling uncomfortable, preparing for the big event
early labor
about 5 p,m. April 29, 2008

Puppy links:

how low can the belly go?

Six weeks in welp, April 9, 2008
Prego Mazie
Oh, my! Looks like more than one!

Maybe it's a GOOD thing we only had time for one tie!

8 weeks in whelp - my poor little girl!
Huge belly!
April 23, 2008

Day 60 - only a few more days to go!
Poor Mazie!
April 27, 2008

Mazie did it! Eight adorable and vigorous pups!
Mama & pups, all cleaned up
about 3:30 a,m. April 30, 2008

We have joyously welcomed our future stars on April 29, 2008!