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Litter Two, 2004 - Quejica x Maggie

The new whiplets arrived on Sept. 21, 2004!
This litter is Futurity nominated.

To see Maggie's web page, click here.

Quejica running, fully extended
Wheatland Quejica Kezo WRCHX-II ORC FCH

Special thanks to Mrs. Marilyn Harvey of Kemah Farm in Forestell, Missouri, for allowing us to introduce Miss Maggie to Quejica. 

Both parents are CERF'ed clear.

Having a wee nap on her side - about 8 weeks along
Maggie's big tummy.
Why does my tummy move when I'm being still?

The morning after
Maggie and pups on day1
Maggie and puppies after a peaceful night.

On the evening of September 21, 2004, Maggie presented us with eight beautiful puppies, two girls and six boys. All are vigorous and voracious. Mama and pups are doing fine. Click the underlined words below to go to the picture pages:
Fun candid pictures, eight weeks & up

Fun candid pictures, birth - seven weeks

Puppy photos of:

Maggie stacked, sort of.
Longrun's Holdin' On

The amazing Quejica and our darling Maggie! We are extremely excited about this wonderful pairing of speed, beauty, and versatility. Take a look at the potential in the pedigree below, and you'll see why!

Even bigger than last week - wow!
Maggie stacked at about 8 weeks.
How low can the belly go?

How about a nice box of puppies?
puppy pile in a box
Aren't they sleek and fabulous?!

Please check out our "Favorite Links" page for more info on whippets, especially the section titled "More important information for puppy seekers".  This litter is all spoken for, but we hope to have occasional litters in the future here at Longrun. We have a questionnaire for potential puppy owners and a puppy sale contract which we are glad to send out upon request.  Send an e-mail re: puppy questionnaire or re: puppy contract: here.
Now that they are growing up, it's time for some of the pups to have their own pages. Click on their names to see what they're up to:

                                    Lyth Satus, ARM SORC-III FCH
                        Ringdove Satchmo, RCH ORC

                                    Cockeymoor Geenee, ARM FCH
             AmCH Wheatland Cab Calloway, RCH
                                    AmCH Chatwig Chinook, FCH 

                       Wheatland Mystery Girl
                                    Willoughby of Wyndsor, ORC LCM
 Wheatland Quejica Kezo, WRCHX-II ORC FCH
                                    Lyth Djon, ARM ORC ROMX
                        Ringdove Quasar, SRCH JC
                                    Besaps Cockeymoor Queeny, ARM FCH
            Wheatland Frankie Sue, ARM SRCH-II SORC
                                    Regalstock Amberwood Tetrarch, ARM
                        W R Crystal Summer Energy, ROMX FCH CC CM
                                    Regalstock Mean Machine, ARM'78

 Litter born September 21, 2004
                                    AmCH Hamrya's Lucky Charm, FCH SC ROM
                        SBIS AmCH Starline's Reign On, JC ROMX 
                                    SBIS AmCH Ringmaster Gold Fever
            AmCH Windborn Take A Bow, SC FCH
                                    SBIS AmCH Chelsea Drakkar of Oxford, JC FCH ROMX 
                        BIS AmCH Windborn Blu Passion, JC FCH
                                    AmCH Windborn Chelsea Spitfire, SC FCH
  Longrun's Holdin' On
                                    SBIS DualCH Chelsea Goldrush of Keynote, FCH ROMX 
                        BIS SBIS DualCH Chelsea Made You Look of Sage, SC ROM
                                    Sage Simply Outrageous
            Wyndancer's I Got The Joy
                                    AmCH Patric's Quotation, ROMX
                        AmCanCH Wyndancer's Hidden Highlight, SC, FCH, CGC
                                    FC Blaz-N Warm Wyndancer, FCH



Thanks to Carolyn Bates for compiling the pedigree  :-)