Jack & Duet Pups: 8 Weeks

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Time for a road trip! 

At the ripe age of eight weeks we took our pups for a nice day trip to visit our dear friend and mentor, Mary Magee, of SaeSi Whippets. They were very good on the trip - about a brief protest of the moving crate.

After arriving and having a nice potty break,
Let us out!
the puppies check out a pen at Mary's house.

Auntie Mary put them through a temperament and structure evaluation to aid us in our decision-making process. She has a way with puppies! First, a before and after look at the little ones during our visit with Mary.

After the evaluation, photo shoot, and playtime,
Sleepy babies
they decided the pen was a great place to nap.

See how these whipper-snappers stack up -

Pup #1, boy, "Homer"
Homer, show side, 8 wks

Hi, Homer!
Homer, front, 8 wks

Pup #2, boy, "O'Dell"
O'Dell, show side, 8 wks

Cutie O'Dell
O'Dell, front, 8 wks

Pup #3, girl, "Annabel"
Annabel, show side, 8 wks

Sorry this one came out blurry!
Annabel, front, 8 wks
She looks good in or out of focus. ;-)

Pup #4, girl, "Felicity"
Felicity, show side, 8 wks

Felicity is such a doll!
Felicity, front, 8 wks

viewed from all four adorable sides.

Homer's flip side
Homer, off side, 8 wks

Good boy!
Homer, rear, 8 wks

O'Dell's flip side
O'Dell, off side, 8 wks

Which way?
O'Dell, rear, 8 wks

Annabel's flip side
Annabel, off side, 8 wks

Sweet Bell-Bell
Annabel, rear, 8 wks

Felicity's flip side
Felicity, off side, 8 wks

Felicity, rear, 8 wks