Jack & Duet Pups: 12 Weeks

Finding their way in new places and situations...
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Where are they now that they are adults??? See the litter's main page for the lowdown - that's low down near the bottom of that page! HERE

The past couple of weeks have brought many changes to the puppies' lives! Little "pup 4" is doing great in her new home, and we enjoyed another week with the two boys before I made the long trip to get them to their new home. In their last two days with us, the Midwestern winter finally showed itself, and the three pups had their first real snow experience, with mixed reviews. 

Annabel & O'Dell seemed to enjoy the adventure -
Frozen tug!
a winter whippet wonderland with frozen toys.

Homer was NOT impressed!
Too chilly for this boy!

After a long flight & a night in a hotel -
Where are we???
O'Dell & Homer visit a dog show for the 1st time.

Homer & the boys' new best buddy, Jake.

The next morning, O'Dell grabs some air
Wild things!
as he and Homer have a romp before heading to their new home.

The other Longrun adults also give lessons;
Two adorable little girls!
here Tutu demonstrates a cuddling technique.

And now: the posed pics of Annabel .........

Annabel at 12 weeks -
Annabel, side, 12 wks
must work out those wiggles!

Thanks to Debi and James, who did a great job on these photos!

Homer at 12 weeks
Homer, front, 12 wks

O'Dell at 12 weeks
O'Dell, side, 12 wks

Homer and O'Dell made me very proud on the trip, seeming to take it all in stride. They quickly bonded with Debi and her 9-month-old pup, Jake. I was sure they would have no trouble fitting into the rest of the household at Jade Whippets. Sister Annabel, is adjusting well to her littermates' departures, and is joining right in with the "big dogs" here at Longrun. We're thrilled with these confident, friendly youngsters!

Annabel with a snoutful of snow - brrrrrrr!
Funny white stuff!

Warm and snug - the boys' last morning here.
Last morning snuggle together
They had a great time digging up their bedding!

Back at the hotel, O'Dell may look relaxed,
So good - or is he?
but he's just plotting his next move.

Finally winding down: O'Dell, Homer, & Jake,
This is OK!
having a snuggle on Debi Adam's bed.

Having delivered Homer and O'Dell to their co-breeder and new mom, Debi Adams, I returned to Illinois and the task of fully integrating little Annabel into the realm of adult dogdom in our home. She has a lot to learn, but all the dogs are welcoming her and helping her learn the ropes. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, er, farm:
Such a big girl now!
Annabel learns the basics of couch snoozing from Duet.

Annabel is integrating well into the "pack" -
Pretty baby
getting to be such a big girl! We LOVE her!

plus pics of the boys from Debi:

Precious baby girl!
Annabel, front, 12 wks

What a good boy!
Homer, side, 12 wks

So, cute - I really miss these pups!
O'Dell, front, 12 wks

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