Jack & Duet Pups: 4 Weeks
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The pups are eating "big dog" food and growing like crazy! 

Another week of growing strong and learning new things!
We enjoyed the Thanksgiving week, even though the pups kept us close to home.

Ellia loves being a jungle gym for puppies!
Ellia & pups
Homer, Annabel, and Felicity climb on.

O'Dell was busy whispering secrets to mama Duet;
Duet & O'Dell
I wonder what he told her...

Felicity poses with Aidan - so sweet!
Children and puppies are so much fun!

They are now eating softened kibble, and also enjoyed some turkey scraps. Best of all, we had visitors! (No puppies were harmed in the making of these Kodak moments.)

Aidan joins in the fun, too,
Aidan gives hugs
suggling Felicity with Grandpa's guidance.

Meanwhile, Annabel gets a hug from Ellia,
Puppy lovies
with Grandpa Bill's help.

O'Dell can't wait another moment to join in -
Coming through!!!
even though the shortest route is over Duet's head!

Now for the stacking of wet noodles! Our week 4 photo shoot -

Pup #1, boy, "Homer"
Homer, side, 4 wks

Pup #2, boy, O'Dell
O'Dell, face, 4 wks

Pup #3, girl, "Annabel"
Annabel, side, 4 wks

Pup #4, girl, "Felicity"
Felicity, face, 4 wks

with less-than-cooperative subjects! Next week I think I'll break out the "Happy Legs" for practice.

Homer was actually pretty good for his pics.
Homer, face, 4 wks

O'Dell was sort of good, too.
O'Dell, side, 4 wks

Annabel was NOT good, even sort of,
Annabel, face, 4 wks
but she IS really adorable and playful.

Another "sort of" good poser, with such a face!
Felicity, side, 4 wks
I'm not a good puppy stacker, but I do love the snuggles!

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