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Jack & Duet Pups: 2 Weeks

We've got peepers! Scroll down for all of this week's photos and links to more info and cute pics!

The pups are just eight days old in these first four photos. 

Pup #1 snoozing
Sleeping boy

Pup #3 can sleep sitting up
Already a versatile girl!

Duet and her 10-day-old crew
Happy mama!

Visitors! Ellia came to see the "poppies",
Pretty girlies!
and had a snuggle with Pup 3.

Ellia's mommy gave #2 some love -
They are so cute, though!
while insisting her two adult whippets are enough.

Their 2-week portraits are below, after a few more candid photos. They're a photogenic foursome!

Pup #2 belly up
Shhhhh! He's napping!

Pup #4 in a milk coma
We like a full belly!

Uh-oh - we're missing one puppy head!
pile of cuties
Can they become conjoined after birth?

Pup #4 also had a turn on Ellia's lap.
Another cute girlie!
Ellia likes the girls. ;-)

Pup #1 was the clown of the 2-week photo shoot!
Already a silly boy!
Ticklish? Yes!

The pups were not the most cooperative subjects! They're very curious about the big world around them now that their eyes are open, and quite mobile for not being very standy-uppy yet.

Pup 1, boy
Pup 1, face, 2 wks
Hold still! No, I wasn't sqeezing. ;-)

Pup 2, boy
Pup 2, side, 2 wks

Pup #3, girl
Pup 3, face, 2 wks

Pup #4, girl
Pup 4, side, 2 wks

Sorry about the poor quality of most of these photos. I think my camera was still set for outdoors, so it didn't do well with the indoor lighting and flash - squirmy pups didn't help much either!

Pup #1 approved of the peanut butter tactic
Pup 1, side, 2 wks

Pup 2 also liked the p.b., but not the camera.
Pup 2, face, 2 wks

Pup #3 was the first to open her eyes.
Pup 3, side, 2 wks

Pup #4 - very kissable!
Pup 4, face, 2 weeks