Jack & Duet Pups: 3 Weeks
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Thanksgiving week - we're very thankful for our beautiful, healthy puppies! 

I'm sorry to say we are having some computer woes this week, but I managed to get a few photos cropped and resized for your puppy viewing pleasure.
Our little ones are growing and getting up on their legs better, although they are still wobbly. It's so much fun to watch them play! They wrestle and make little baby growls and woofs at each other. The funniest thing is when they try to pounce and fall over - not quite coordinated yet!
The one "candid" photo is of little girlie pup 3, who was the first one to climb out of the crate into the puppy pen, where she proceeded to check out mama Duet's lunch. The nut didn't fall far from the tree!
We have given the puppies their baby names, so we don't have to call them only by their birth numbers. We are considering an "October" theme for this litter, so the boys are named for two of the main characters in the film "October Sky": Homer and O'Dell. The girls are named in honor of our first whippet, Joy, who also had an October birthday: Annabel and Felicity, meaning joy and happiness. Very fitting, I think.

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Pup 3, Annabel, exploring the world -
What do you have there?
and Mama's food dish.

And now, our attempt at "stacked" photots -

Pup #1, Homer
Homer, 3 wks, side
You want me to do what? Scrunch up? OK!

Pup #2, O'Dell
O'Dell, 3 wks, front
Am I cute or what? I'm cute!

Pup #3, Annabel
Annabel, 3 wks, side
She really did not want to stand up!

Pup #4, Felicity
Felicity, 3 wks, front
Too adorable for words!

as well as wet noodles can be "stacked"! 

Homer is not really orange,
Homer, 3 wks, front
and we're not really pro photographers!

O'Dell can scrunch himself, too.
O'Dell, 3 wks, side
Especially when I'm trying to get him to stand still!

Annabel, sit! Good girl!
Annabel, 3 wks, front
Such a cutie!

Felicity was slightly more cooperative than sis -
Felicity, 3 wks, side
but only slightly. She'd rather be snuggling!