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Jack & Duet Pups: 6 Weeks

Learning and growing - way too fast! 

Now that Thanksgiving Day is behind us, we're plunging into the Christmas season, as well as final preparations for our son, Wesley's, wedding. It's a busy time, but having puppies to socialize gives us a much-welcome reason to take regular breaks. Time is flying by so quickly! I wish puppies would stay little longer!

We're eating Big Dog food!
- at just over four weeks old

Dad makes a great jungle-gym!
Climbing Mount William
Homer makes it almost to the top!

Felicity wants me to come in the pen, too -
Adorable Felicity
or else let her out!

Annabel checks out an interesting scent -
sight or scent???
out in the big world.

Oh! Homer scored a little snack on the move!

A tired puppy is a good puppy -
So sleepy!
multiplied times four!

Now for the posed photos -

Pup #1, boy, Homer
O'Del, 6 wks, side

Pup #2, boy, O'Dell
O'Dell, 6 wks, front

Pup #3, girl, Annabel
Annabel, 6 wks, side

Pup #4, girl, Felicity
Felicity, 6 wks, front

In the past two weeks, the puppies have been growing a lot and having new experiences. They like going outside, especially when the sun is shining. When it's cloudy, they get chilly, so their outdoor time is limited.
Duet is still being a wonderful mama, though she doesn't enjoy nursing so much now!

Napping with our wonderful mama Duet -
Snoozing practice
at four & 1/2 weeks

Annabel keeps Dad's face clean.
Somebody has to do it!

O'Dell would never bite Dad's fingers -
oh, no, NEVER!

Homer finds another scent to check out,
Hey, there!
while Felicity checks out mama Duet.

Drinks at the milk bar are served standing,
Still yummy!
now that the pups are big six-week-olds!

Yeah, I think the novelty of motherhood
Oh, that look!
is wearing thin! Duet is just about OVER IT!

I can't believe they're already six weeks old!

Winking at the camera -
Homer, 6 wks, front
getting a little too much help from his sibs!

Yummy cheese helps puppies stand up!
O'Dell, 6 wks, side
O'Dell likes to eat, as you can see.

Annabel likes cheese, too!
Annabel, 6 wks, front
She's so sweet!

Felicity is also a cheese lover,
Felicity, 6 wks, side
and a feisty little doll!

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