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New Puppy - Nov. 2006

Whelped Nov. 22, 2006, the Scoop x Dena litter of one delightful baby boy!

Longrun N Jade's Party Of One - Solo
Links to weekly photo updates will be placed at the bottom of this page, so check back and watch as Solo grows up from week to week. Puppies grow fast!

He has one nice brindle patch on his left side, the rest of his body is all white.

Baby Boy left side

These first four photos were taken when the puppy was still wet & messy.

Right face

Dena started making little spots at about 10:00 this morning, but not much seemed to be happening except that she wanted to go potty every 20 minutes. She started having noticeable contractions with straining at 1:00 PM, at about 1:40 we were seeing little feet and a tail tip, and she got the rest pushed out (with a little help from me) at about 2:15 PM. The placenta came right out, too, so worries there. He is squirmy (note slight blur in a couple of the pics) and already has a big round tummy.

Five hours later, Dena and son are settled in Bill's and my bedroom.

Solo at 5 hours

As you can see, Solo now gets plenty of nursing time between baths. The two pics below and below right show him at four days. What a belly!

Solo, 4 days

His head has cute markings, especially the "kiss" on the top of his head!

Baby Boy face

He didn't stay messy for long! With just one pup for Dena to lick - he's VERY clean!

Left profile

He has a little trouble nursing, because his mama is licking him within an inch of his life and keeps knocking him off the milk bar - he has managed to get a big belly, though. With just one puppy to lavish her maternal instincts on, she is really giving this little guy plenty of attention and milk!
I'm very thankful that Evan and Leah were able to be here to help out with Dena watching and taking care of the other dogs - don't know how I would have managed without them!

He was sparkly clean, and managed to fill out his tummy already!

Solo, 5 hours old

I've already started "spoiling" our new baby! Here he is laying on my bed while I change the whelping box blankets. See how big - and cute!

Solo, 4 days

Solo's links:

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Dena is working hard to ensure that Solo is the cleanest, best-fed puppy in the world!