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Solo at 15 - 21 Weeks

Longrun N Jade's Party Of One - growing up and getting around! 

We're assembling quite a collection of "Solo snoozing" photos. He's just so cute; what can I say? Here he is at two days shy of fifteen weeks, all cozy with his mama, Dena.

Mama Dena & Solo

Stacking practice at seventeen weeks. Solo's thinking, "Can't you just give me the chicken; why do I have to stand still? I have stuff to do!"

Solo at 17 weeks, side

Empty? Oh, no! I think I'm sitting on the last tissue! I hope no one needs to blow their nose.

Solo & the tissue box

Here are Solo and Hugo enjoying the 2007 AWC National Specialty from their ring-side blanky. Do you think travelling and hanging around hundreds of other whippets stressed out our little pup at the tender age of four and a half months? I don't THINK so! He had a wonderful time making friends and washing faces at the Nat, and he was a very good boy!

Solo & Hugo at the '07 AWC Nat.

It's a bit blurry, but I love this shot of Solo (one day short of five months) pouncing on the "bunny" at a race practice. He's all whippet!

Solo got the "bunny"!

At right is a very proud Solo, future race dog, walking the bunny back up with Bill, who is also very proud.
Solo is a wonderful young whippet, and a perfect addition to our little pack. We are looking forward to his show ring debut at the end of May - it's going to be so much fun! A circus is fun, isn't it?

May I have some more?     

Solo at 17 weeks, front

Anyone for a mouth wrestle? Look at Solo the snaggletoothed whippet! He was in the process of losing baby teeth and getting adult teeth, and his smile had some spaces. Don't he and cousin Starman look fearsome?

scary Solo and Starman

Sweet, snuggly Solo, helping a sick Klaus feel better.

Solo and Klaus

Solo with Bill & the "bunny"

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