Solo at 10 & 1/2 to 13 weeks

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Longrun N Jade's Party Of One - growing fast!

Moving on from ten weeks, Solo continues to grow and learn whippety lessons, like the joys of whippet piles and various snoozing positions. His favorite snoozing buddy is still his mama Dena, of course. I couldn't resist snapping a pic of the scene below, when he decided to take a nap on top of his mama.

Solo laying on Dena

Below and at right are Solo's "stacked" photos at twelve weeks old. We like how the little chubby guy is slimming down and looking nicely whippety. :-)
I could have pulled his back feet back a smidge farther, but we didn't do too badly. We're working on standing still - HA! Solo still has just the cutest face; it melts my heart!

Solo at 12 wks, side

At the ripe ol' age of eleven weeks, Solo went on his first big doggie trip with me, Dena and Mazie, to four days of dog shows in Indianapolis - a five hour drive from our home. He was a very good boy most of the time. While he did do some fussing and innapropriate pottying at my friend Annie Kelsey's house (sorry, Annie!), Solo was as good as gold at the show site for those four long days. He was quiet in his crate, used the potty areas well, and had a blast meeting new friends when I had him out on lead.

Solo in his little crate

Solo at 12 wks, front

How to be a proper whippet:
1. When wrestling with other dogs, like handsome cousin Starman, it's OK to sound really ferocious, but remember that you must NOT actually bite hard. Play time lasts longer and is a lot more fun if no one gets hurt!

Solo & Starman

3. When your fat baby puppy tummy has begun to turn into a nice tuck-up, it's time to start practicing curling into a tight whippet-ball. Always make use of pillows and other soft things to snuggle into, too, and it's important to note that the corners of couches and soft armchairs are great places to curl up.
Solo's doing pretty good!


2. Snuggling with friends is wonderful, and can be done in groups and many positions, like having your rear on your mama and your front end on a nice human.

Snoozing on Leah with Dena

4. Another snoozing lesson: the more, the merrier - the warmer, too!
At the age of three months (thirteen weeks) and one day, Solo is now truly one of the guys, fully integrated into the pack with the adult dogs in our home. Below you see him cuddled up with the "big" boy whippets (Hugo, Starman, and Spot), with mama Dena off to the right (you can see part of her head, which I hope makes up for the fact that I cut Spot's off!).

Just one of the Guys!

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