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Solo, One & two weeks old

Longrun N Jade's Party Of One
Our Scoop x Dena bundle of joy, born Nov. 22, 2006!
See Solo's pedigree and his parents

One week has gone by fast, and our little Solo pup has been busy growing. Look! He's getting nose spots! Yay! Don't you just want to kiss that little nose?

Solo's face

Solo has already grown so much, it's amazing, and what a belly! Being a holiday season puppy, I guess he's going tor the jolly Santa look. ;-)

Solo - sooooo big!

Here is our youngest son, Wesley, modeling the latest in high-fashion belly-warmers - or is Solo using Wes for a belly warmer?

Wesley and Solo

"My Mama Dena licks me ALL the time, and Mama Sally says I'm yummy, so I think I'll try a little lick. Mmmmm, I AM yummy!"

Solo - tiny pink tongue

Solo is two weeks old now, and Cuddle Training has begun in earnest.

Solo cuddle

"I can yawn WAY bigger than this picture shows!"

puppy breath

"This is my front. I'm ready for my close-up!"

Solo front

"Hi, everybody! I'm starting to get my eyes open now - do I know you?"


"What's this 'stacking' stuff? Oh, hi, Uncle Smooch!"

Solo right side

"This 'stacking' thing is not working for me; I think I'll just lay down now. Hey, Uncle Smooch, I love you, too, but you know my Mama Dena doesn't like it when you slobber on me!"

Solo left side

We're loving our new "baby"! Solo's links: